Meeting Notes: May 31 2007 - Gallery Codex
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Meeting Notes: May 31 2007

From Gallery Codex

Project Tasks

Gallery 2.2.2

  • Mindless is in the process of merging the 2.2.2 release
  • Mindless would like some help testing the upgrades, probably starting June 1st.
  • Will give the translators a week or so to provide updates.

Summer of Code

  • Brian is working on his project, SQLite is making progress. Brian just got access to SF so will assign himself to a bug.
  • Zimzat's student will have a schedule to him by next week.
  • We need a status report from virshu regarding his student.
  • It was agreed that we should set some milestones for the students, as 50% of the work is polishing the code up and getting it production ready. By June 21, there should be a demo up that we can play with. Not production quality, but something that can be used to start looking at architectural issues.

Changes to GMC Forums

  • Kieran is on top of that task and has sent an email to all integration developers.
  • Discussions continue on gallery-devel mailing list.
  • Bharat will ping Kieran for an update.

Gallery 2.3 Roadmap

  • Item add refactoring is complete.
  • Talmdal working on import/export task and input validation. Has resolved all the issues, but just needs to test against Oracle.
  • No update from Signe on akismet module
  • ItemMove DHTML is 99% complete, waiting for Bharat's opinion.
  • ItemDelete de-ajaxing is 80%
  • Jozefs is working on the language manager. The admin subview is mostly functional. Still needs some testing and should be ready for review soon.
  • Snapgalaxy module needs to be tested. Bharat is in contact with their business guy so a legal agreement can be set up for it. Once these happen, it can be added to svn.

GalleryCon 2007

  • Jmullan is moving forward with organizing Minneapolis. Typically, individuals will book their own rooms and should plan for about 25 people. Should a the hotel hold a block of rooms (12-15).
  • Ckdake has reorganized the codex page GalleryCon2007, so every one needs to update the table by June 7th.
  • Barring any objections the date will the weekend of August 25/26 or Sept 8/9

G2 Usability


  • There is a proposal for a new G2 Starter guide from Jeff Ward.
  • Ckdake is functioning as the contact person on the gallery side


  • No updates this week. From last week: ckdake continues to work on evaluating 'pootle' and that it continues to be a challenge to set up.

Gallery Foundation

  • No updates this week.

Gallery 1

  • No updates this week.
  • No reply from gulftech about the g1 audit.

Action Items

  • We need to all record our date preferences on the GalleryCon2007 page.
  • Review Gallery2:Usability_Issues:Permissions#Wireframes and send feedback to katrin on gallery-devel
  • Mindless will svn diff 2.2 branch to 2.2-experimental and add to ccollab
  • Bharat will line a Gallery 1.6 security review.
  • Bharat will ping Jens about the week-of-G1.
  • Bharat will ping Kieran for an update regarding the G2 Forums.

Closed action items