Meeting Notes: Nov 09 2006 - Gallery Codex
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Meeting Notes: Nov 09 2006

From Gallery Codex

Project Tasks

Gallery 2.2

  • At least 2 weeks away from RC-1
  • (jablko) webdav / httpauth: still a few things to do, see blocker list for details
  • (birdman) fixed important bugs / tests for DB2. we're getting very close to a 100% green state for DB2

Theme contest

  • We'd like to advertise it a little more. volksport as Mr. theme contest should be the driver for such things.


  • (ckdake) emailed mango's proposal to al of his contacts at GT, waiting for things to develop

G2 Usability

  • (bharat) added help link for each plugin on the plugin admin page

Gallery Foundation

  • Announcements posted, no other updates

GMC search

  • (bharat) converted tables to innodb and enabled search. Had major problems on Monday and disabled search again
  • drupal devs offered their help. our task owner / driver should get in touch with the drupal devs (irc), they'll be glad to help us in this matter (just let them know what domain you're talking about)
  • needs a task owner


  • (ckdake) about rosetta: sent email to launchpad mailing list, no response yet
  • (joe7) evaluated php-gettext and it's too slow to be included in g2.2. Joe7 also wrote a new PHP-only replacement for gettext which caches the parsed translation files in serialized form as files which is much faster than what php-gettext does. To be included after g2.2.

Gallery 1.6

  • no update this week (tim_j not at the meeting)

General Action Items

  • Bharat to send proposal about security task 1.2 to -core this weekend
  • Bharat to give input on security task 1.4
  • Virshu & Valiant to fix analyze / optimize and finish that task
  • valiant to send webdav root album davmount error report
  • jablko to fix codeaudit failures due to webdav / httpauth
  • ckdake to contact volksport about better advertisement of theme contest: