Meeting Notes: Nov 15 2007 - Gallery Codex
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Meeting Notes: Nov 15 2007

From Gallery Codex

Project Tasks

Gallery 2.3

  • Discussion regarding webdav DEV_2_3 branch integration. Along with trying to integrate the webdav branch, we will possibly have also have integrate a new release of the PEAR WebDAV module. Bharat will check to see if we can use the new license with the old version. R2.4 we can look at using the new PEAR WebDAV module and integration the branch. The webdave issue has been removed from the blocker lists.
  • Language Manager is the biggest single remaining blocker -- no word from Jozef since last week. Andy pinged multiple times. Work on other stuff for the next couple of weeks to give him a little more room.
  • blockers:
    • Bug 1564288: Upload applet loses credentials <-- hard to repro, we could ship with it the way it is
    • Bug 1619997 [webdav] Handle Special Characters <-- removed from the blocker list.
    • Bug 1421123 Hidden items show up after album permission change... talmdal suggested an approach which should work and will start workin on it.
    • Event Logs, Jpegtran and Moderate Spam links in Site Admin sidebar need an icon in the icon packs <-- Chad is working on this
    • Licensing mostly done, just need to get permission to use the new license with the current released version of WebDAV.
    • Get Gallery on the Akismet list <-- we should probably wait till after it's released
    • Flash transcoding in ffmpeg <-- Worth doing if it's small, but don't attempt to add video derivatives in 2.3
    • issue/bug with repository downloads / MANIFEST <-- bharat can't repro, pinged the thread
    • SQLite issues <-- Brian has got some bandwith and will work on the the final SQLite tasks

Gallery 2.2.4

  • valiant will send out another email with suggested changes to Bharat and mindless for their input before starting the release.
  • valiant would like to be able to give downstream packagers some warning about upcoming releases. To do this we need a mailing-list for "certified" re-packagers. ckdake will "make it so", but unlikely to be done before 2.2.4.
  • R2.2.4 includes core changes so we can't really market DP for this

Gallery 1.x

  • Has results of security audit. No recent progress.

Changes to GMC Forums

  • No Update


  • No updates


  • No updates

Microsoft Open Source Summit

  • MSDN licenses on the way

GCon 2008

  • Christian/Jens need dates and feedback
  • Jens wants to hear yay/nay from 50% of the core team


  • Bharat resonded to Digibug and they will write a story that we can profile on GMC

Action Items

  • Continue banging at the R2.3 release blockers.