Meeting Notes: Nov 22 2007 - Gallery Codex
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Meeting Notes: Nov 22 2007

From Gallery Codex

Project Tasks

Quick meeting (absences of key members due to major holiday).

Gallery 2.3

  • Security audit is under way
    • Language Manager is the biggest single remaining blocker -- no word from Jozef.
      • talmdal is taking over the task.
    • Bug 1564288: Upload applet loses credentials <-- hard to repro, we could ship with it the way it is
    • Bug 1421123 Hidden items show up after album permission change...
      • talmdal prepared a fix. Review 440 is pending, waiting to be reviewed.
    • Event Logs, language manager, Jpegtran and Moderate Spam links in Site Admin sidebar need an icon in the icon packs
      • Chad is working on this
    • Licensing mostly done, just need to get permission to use the new license with the current released version of WebDAV.
      • Done. Bharat could close the task thank for license changes for the last official release by the PEAR package maintainers.
    • Get Gallery on the Akismet list <-- we should probably wait till after it's released
    • Flash transcoding in ffmpeg <-- Worth doing if it's small, but don't attempt to add video derivatives in 2.3
      • Enabling ffmpeg changes are in code review and require fixes. Review 429.
    • issue/bug with repository downloads / MANIFEST <-- bharat can't repro, pinged the thread
    • SQLite issues <-- Brian has got some bandwith and will work on the the final SQLite tasks

Gallery 2.2.4

  • Packages ready for internal testing. floridave is helping out with the testing procedures.
  • Some questions are still open:
    • Should the GalleryView::_permissionCheck() -> main.php change be included?
    • What about the module version numbers of publishxp (see details in review 443)?

Gallery 1.x

  • Has results of security audit. No recent progress.

Changes to GMC Forums

  • Renamed the g1 customization forum from "Customizing Gallery" to "Customizing Gallery 1", on tim_j's request
  • Didn't rename g2's customization forum since we don't get a lot of g1 questions there and there's a "g2" in the forum description already


  • No updates


  • No updates

Microsoft Open Source Summit

  • MSDN licenses on the way

GCon 2008

  • Christian/Jens need dates and feedback
  • Jens wants to hear yay/nay from 50% of the core team


  • Bharat responded to Digibug and they will write a story that we can profile on GMC
    • Waiting for digibug's story submission

Action Items

  • Continue banging at the R2.3 release blockers.
  • ckdake: we would like to be able to give downstream packagers some warning about upcoming releases. To do this we need a mailing-list for "certified" re-packagers.
  • ckdake to order gallery t-shirts as give-aways / gift for contributors / special occasions.
  • ckdake / bharat to organize our year's project to project donations.