Meeting Notes: Nov 8 2007 - Gallery Codex
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Meeting Notes: Nov 8 2007

From Gallery Codex

Project Tasks

Gallery 2.3

  • suprsider updated flashvideo and mp3audio modules (worked around the "click to start..." problem)
  • license issues will soon be fixed (thanks to helgi from Pear)
  • Language Manager is the biggest single remaining blocker -- no word from Jozef since last week. Andy pinged multiple times. Work on other stuff for the next couple of weeks to give him a little more room.
  • talmdal has webdav DEV_2_3 branch integrated and out for review
  • blockers:
    • Bug 1564288: Upload applet loses credentials <-- hard to repro, we could ship with it the way it is
    • Bug 1619997 [webdav] Handle Special Characters <-- talmdal thinks this is in review 424, which valiant will review
    • Bug 1421123 Hidden items show up after album permission change... <-- open
    • Event Logs, Jpegtran and Moderate Spam links in Site Admin sidebar need an icon in the icon packs <-- Chad is working on this
    • Licensing <-- should be fixed soon
    • Get Gallery on the Akismet list <-- we should probably wait till after it's released
    • Flash transcoding in ffmpeg <-- Worth doing if it's small, but don't attempt to add video derivatives in 2.3
    • issue/bug with repository downloads / MANIFEST <-- bharat can't repro, pinged the thread
    • SQLite issues <-- valiant will ping student

Gallery 1.x

  • Has results of security audit. No recent progress.

Changes to GMC Forums

  • No Update


  • No updates


  • No updates

Microsoft Open Source Summit

  • MSDN licenses on the way

GCon 2008

  • Christian/Jens need dates and feedback
  • Jens wants to hear yay/nay from 50% of the core team


  • Digibug wants to drive more traffic
  • We don't want to raise our advertising footprint
  • The 2.2.3 released frontpage story got 15k clicks, so front page stories get attention
  • thumb/talmdal/valiant/bharat in favor of running a front page story, tim_j has no opinion
  • bharat will try to get ckdake/h0bbel to write a story or take material from digibug

Action Items

  • Continue banging at the R2.3 release blockers.