Meeting Notes: November 4 2008 - Gallery Codex
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Meeting Notes: November 4 2008

From Gallery Codex


  • ckdake
  • talmdal (notes)
  • bharat
  • valiant
  • Joe7
  • jozefs
  • h0bbel
  • thumb

  • tim_j (not here but sent status)
  • thumb (not here but sent status)

Project Tasks

Gallery 1

  • ckdake just needs to verify and package the tagging that Tim_j has done
  • ckdake will write a news story pointing the world at

Gallery 2.3

  • new version of piclens has been tested by floridave
  • implmentation to be scheduled


  • need to find a buyer for GMC1
  • need to find a new home for ($50/mo -> $100/mo not ok) by Nov 30

Gallery 3

  • we have a scaffolding in place that walks you through the basics of getting going
  • have a test framework with a few tests in it. The test framework uses a completely separate database and filesystem, and runs from the command line. It's fast and won't have those irritating apache/mod_php/browser issues
  • valiant is working on acls/permissions
  • talmdal is working on the user module. He is building it with group support. Which kicked off the discussion roles vs groups. The decision is groups are synonymous with roles from a Gallery3 perspective. To avoid confusion we will standardize on "groups".
  • bharat has got some stuff brewing for themes
  • bharat has created a fork of the MPTT class. Most implementations are lacking or have bugs
  • Joe7 has prototyped a php gettext replacement.
  • Localization requirements:
    • 1) super easy for joe random to update a localization
    • 2) very efficient in doing lookups
  • We will use caching as long as the source files override cache
  • Permissions: no update valiant will tackle taht after localization
  • Framework isses before we can start building
    • Need an example module
    • Need to settle out the HTML/CSS standards. Thumb and jhilden are working on it. There are still a few issues to resolve. For now just use html as opposed to xhtml
  • jozefs will get started on a comment module tomorrow
  • Discussion around how themes will display/override parts of the layout.

Project Management