Meeting Notes: Oct 18 2007 - Gallery Codex
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Meeting Notes: Oct 18 2007

From Gallery Codex

Project Tasks

Gallery 2.3

  • Jozefs will complete the Language Manager.
    • No update this week
  • talmdal committed the notification module!
  • virshu removed the ugly navId/statusId/fromNavId parameters and with it all navigation code!
  • virshu tested a new version of YUI and updated the version in G2.
  • Some progress on critical bugfixes
  • valiant will refactor the cart interface to fix a related bug

Gallery 1.x

  • Starting to address issues from the security audit

Summer of Code

  • We're done for this year!
  • schultmc, jablko, bharat, jen and volksport attended the SoC meeting @ Google MV.

Changes to GMC Forums

  • User mapping complete. 258 out of 2202 users mapped their accounts.
  • profix898 is working on the import module.


  • No updates


  • No updates

Action Items

  • None