Meeting Notes: Oct 19 2006 - Gallery Codex
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Meeting Notes: Oct 19 2006

From Gallery Codex

Project Tasks

Gallery 2.2

  • Bug/security fixes and webdav in progress; revisit RC-1 schedule next week
    • Task/bug priority.. P9==fix for RC-1, P8==fix for 2.2, P7==nice-to-have
    • (virshu/mindless) usability #1 - decided we don't want to change header/sidebar, but don't know CSS to make it work without this change
    • (bharat) Security audit for DP is lined up, will send diffs when ready

Theme contest

  • No update this week


  • No update this week
    • (ckdake) need proposals for specific things to work on, so we can get some people working on docs

G2 Usability

  • No update this week

Gallery Foundation

  • No update this week
    • maybe ckdake should be our SPI project representitive so he can talk to them about --v
  • Some work needed for routing donations: now accepting via paypal and; can we get SPI to receive directly via paypal/google checkout? (bharat/schultmc) also how to get other funds to SPI so we're not subject to bharat's tax bracket

GMC search

  • No updates this week
    • Signe revived this topic in email, hopefully he'll continue to push it forward
    • search currently offline (except for privileged users), with form to search via google instead
    • could change DB table engine from MyISAM to InnoDB and see if that helps, also with one-table-per-file setting
    • could rollback drupal caching "fix" which greatly increases load on GMC because everytime people click "back" it hits the server to reload the page; this means "click search result, click back, click another search results" makes GMC repeat the search query (it was this drupal upgrade, and not the original 4.7 upgrade, when GMC lockups became much more frequent)

Gallery 1.6

  • Alpha-1 released!
  • Jens to arrange a full security audit for 1.6
  • Jens/Christian/Dave to publish a test plan for 1.x

General Action Items

  • Need somebody to draft a proposal for an ISP qualification program
  • Bharat will add anchors to download page so that the [version download] links on the main gmc page.