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Talk:Gallery2:Installation on Windows Server 2003 and IIS6

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Shocksll: Do you think it should be suggested that people running php on IIS use FastCGI instead of ISAPI? According to this article [1] FastCGI is the only reliable way to run php on iis. Even Zend says that the FastCGI method is the best method for iis.

By h0bbel: Well, whatever works best is what we recommend, so yeah. :)

Shocksll: Ok, I've added the fastcgi section.

Moved the apache part to

--Lukas334e 15:08, 27 Aug 2005 (PDT)

ok I added a FAQ portion to the site, I wasn't sure how to do those cool dashed boxes or make it format correctly. Can you guys make it look "pretty" like the rest of the page? Thanks!

--Geesu 10:41, 3 Sep 2005 (PDT)

Shocksll: just put a space in front of the text to do the boxes

--valiant 10:55, 22 Sep 2005 (CET)

Publish the netpbm windows 2003 binaries to on 2005/10/07, the package includes jhead and netpbm is very, very complete. Archive size: 2.9 MB. Tested 2 binaries on Windows XP and it worked.

My Experience

It was hard, no questions...but I've got it done. I had Gallery 1 so I installed Gallery 2 on Windows 2003 server and then migrated the old gallery. Here are my pending issues: 1) One file would not upload. It's a video of 500MB and I get the following error message: PHP Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in E:\WebSites\agw\gallery\modules\core\classes\GalleryPlatform.class on line 65

2) The memory count at the top right would always show 0 during the import. (Memory used: 0, total: 0) I run it on IE 6.0 32 Bit

3) While I installed the URL Rewrite module I could not figure out how to configure it. I still don't quite understand what it is for but I realize that during the migration from Gallery one a mapping has been made. Since the Gallery 2 is working fine, am I really missing anything?

4) While I like the structure of the new data folder and the fact that there is only the original picture in each folder, where are the thumbnails stored?

5) Is it now safe to delete the old data album with all the pictures, the resized pictures and thumbnails?

6) How do I get my rss reader to get the updates from the new gallery? the old one had a simple address: server\gallery\rss.php

Thank you in advance for your time, Andrea

You should post your questions/comments to the forum but to answer some of your questions.

1. try uploading the file to the server and then do the add from local to see if that helps.

3. You have to have a special ISAPI filter installed to get url rewrite working using IIS. So it probably didn't let you configure it because you don't have that filter installed. URLrewrite gives you cool urls such as 

instead of

4. The thumnails are generated on the fly and they are not stored in a human readable format on the hard drive. But I do believe they are stored in


but i'm not sure. If you need a link to the thumbnail page, try using the formatted urls module.

6. You could have a simple rss address for gallery2 but you need the urlrewrite working. Did you configure RSS in the site admin?

If you have any comments / questions about my responses, please post them to the forum along with your original questions and my responses. Thanks.

--Shocksll 12:23, 2 May 2006 (PDT)

Cumulative list of permissions

Should we/shall we/can we post an exhaustive list of permissions for gallery and IIS? I decided walking in that ALL of my problems would be due to some permissions issue, and that has proven true. But it has still taken me 20 hours to install thusfar, and still I keep getting random errors that, when I look each one up, invariably turn out to be some sort of permissions issue. Right now I've been stuck on "Error_Platform_Failure" for days. As such, I think it would be advisable to have an exhaustive list of every file or folder that needs to be manually set, or an instructions list of setting each folder, in order. --Mrcolj 07:27, 15 October 2006 (PDT)