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Hello, I'm very interested about the ability to store EXIF data to the database at upload time, which I think will really change the way that we can interact with Gallery.

Read over all of the forums...loooks like this has been decided to be possible for a little over a year now. Just wondering when you think that functionality will be possible.



What about ITPC?

I'm going through a set of vacation pix using iTag and adding ITPC metadata. I'd like to be able to upload the annotated images to G2 and specify that the tags and titles (at least) be carried over into the G2 content, so that I don't have to go through all over again in the G2 environment. Will this module be of any help?

Issues with UTF

The EXIF/IPTC plugin functionality has surely come a long way already, only minor bugs or drawbacks seem to have persisted. One is that while reading the metadata from the file, it inserts the data into the database using an incorrect encoding, somewhere. If I use umlauts or other unicode characters in the IPTC fields (in CS3), then they will be inserted in the database in another encoding (with phpMyAdmin, I can see that the fields do not contain unicode characters). When I add non-latin characters via the admin inteface, everything works correctly. It only concerns IPTC readouts. And it behaves so, both when the file originates from Win or Mac OS.

I even changed all utf_general_ci collations to utf_unicode_ci in the mysql, but nothing changed. I THINK, the bug could be in the reading/translating part of the plugin, since it is written incorrectly already.