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Very basic usage description:

1. Select a folder inside Picasa, and go to 'Folder->Export as Webpage' or ctrl-w
2. Select picture sizes and the title for the exported album. Note that if you decide to resize, Picasa will resize before G2 imports it.
3. Select a destination directory on your harddrive for the exported folder. Click 'next'
4. Select 'XML Code' in the 'Select a Web Page Template' window and click finish.
5. Now you can either upload the entire (including the xml file) exported directory (specified in step 3) to your server, and then use the 'add from local server' upload method in Gallery 2, or zip the exported directory Picasa created into one file and upload that using your browser.
6. Gallery 2 will then ask you for destination album and put the imported images and descriptions into the destination album.