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Could someone expand on (or link to) how to install, etc. the module? For the g2 novice, it's incredibly frustarting & difficult trying to piece it together.

(This might be more appropiate for the parent of this page, but since users aren't allowed to edit the discussion page, I couldn't put it there.)

Troubleshooting Windows XP Publishing

If you get an error the first time you try to publish using the Windows XP uploading plugin, you might want to open Internet Explorer and clear all cookies and cache (or at least the ones related to your site) to get it to work, otherwise you will receive an error.

New Feature : Optional Automatic Resize

The module is limited, because it requires that the server allows "long time" script (and it does not save bandwidth).

It could be very interesting to do easy client-side resizing, and this module is probably the best place to do it.