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Hi Everyone

When surffing in zencart and luckily came across this wonderful site. Once installed, it already started to work. But after installing the zencart module, I couldn't config the module to work. It always showed error message that the zencart path is not correct. Pls anyone can show me the way out.


Upgrade Link

I think the upgrade link for the zencart plug in is the same link for the full file set. I'm looking to upgrade from 3.0.0.

Thanks, Nate

hI all, from paul june 2012 regarding the install sequences I used the zcg2 module and gallery2, and his pre-prepared zencart 1.3.9. Its important to know the g2 gallery has to have the zencart folder inside it, thats not clear until you install G2, by which time its too late if you haven't done it that way..

so install zencart first, if the gallery2 is going to go in /gallery, zencart goes in [say] /gallery/zc/

ALSO there is no way you should change the zencart admin folder until after zencart is all installed and running, because v 1.3.9 has a warning message at in red that comes up at install finish if you click on 'go to admin'..., and that msg requires you to do things before it will let you access admin. so get it running, do the admin folder name change and config changes once its running, the instruction sequence is misleading on the page tab here.