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I am happy to hear about this rewrite in terms of it all becoming more streamlined but I had been hoping that many of the items listed as secondary features would make it into the core package of the next major release.

I specifically want these as I am a photographer with ambitions of selling my fine art photography prints through my website along with having a searchable database of more generic shots for stock licensing. I would also consider using it for my local photographic society's website which I also want to offer advanced search and shopping services through.

The important/ very useful features for doing this for me would be the following (listed in approximate order of importance):

37. custom sorts: let me sort my album by some other metric (most views, author's name, etc)
15. shopping cart: put photos in a cart, then buy them.
11. EXIF/IPTC: show EXIF and IPTC metadata, pulled from the source photo
17. album tree: show a dynamic tree of all your photos in a
12. custom fields: create your own metadata on a photo and populate it with data
5. image frames: ability to choose decorative frames to wrap around your images (using CSS, probably)
19. hidden/password protected albums: hide an album so that it only shows up if you know the url, or p/w protect it so that you have to provide a pw to see it.
20. symlinks/links: images in album A and album B share the same image file on disk (using symlinks)
21. related photos: show me the photos related/similar to this one
22. google maps: show me where in the world I took this photo - for camera club site so others get ideas of where to go to take pics
39. static pages: Let editors create static page content to make the site more presentable (provide more info, etc)
35. square thumbnails: force thumbnails to be square (or some other aspect ratio) for presentability/consistency
36. cropping thumbnails: let me pick the part of the image I want to show in the thumbnail
38. user info (avatars, im, etc): Allow users to have lots more info in their user page (especially useful for local club)
41. view counts: Show the number of times an album or photo has been viewed - as long as this can be hidden from site visiors
45. panorama: Show panorama photos with an interface that shows them off better - I make a lot of panoramics so this would be nice
3. integration / advanced editing: ?? - It would be nice to be able to integrate it at a deeper level into a cms like Drupal or Joomla so we can finally get a really great for them without loosing out due to difficulties in integration.

Perhaps other user have some thoughts on what they might like or had expected from Gallery3? In my opinion it is the ability to tailor the solution to suit your needs using modules like the above plus the ability to make it your personally themed site that make me want Gallery over picasa, flickr et all.

Google Maps feature

I'm the (current) maintainer of the Gallery2 Google Maps module. I'm glad to see this functionality moving into the core, but I have a small request--Could you separate the data from the presentation? In other words, have a "Geodata" module or function where the coordinates are stored, and a different module(s) for the presentation of that geodata. That way people could choose to use Google Maps or Google Earth or an OpenLayers based map (with OpenStreetMap data, for example). This is the direction I'd like to move the current Google Maps module toward. By the way, with regards to Google Earth, I'm pretty happy with the template-based solution I have in the Google Map module now, so take a look if you're interested. It's and GoogleEarth.tpl, obviously... --SiliconFiend 18:03, 19 December 2008 (UTC)