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Gallery is primarily developed, maintained, supported, documented, and promoted by a core team. These team members make significant contributions to the project and are responsible in no small part for its continued success. If you're really interested, you can see some more pictures of the team! Also see who works on which parts of the code.

Current Team Member Profiles

The Gallery team consists of a diverse bunch of people that for some reason work together to bring you, the user, the best possible photo sharing web application available. The team is composed of several teams that all work together: Gallery 3.x, Gallery 2.x, Gallery 1.x, Gallery Support, Gallery Remote, Affiliates, and Gallery Website. (There are also the embedding and integration developers which you can find here.) The people behind Gallery are, in no particular order:

Bharat Mediratta

Bharat and his son, Cole

IRC Nick: bharat
Location: Menlo Park, California
Day Job: Senior Staff Software Engineer, Google
Teams: Gallery 3.x, Gallery 2.x, Website
Gallery Responsibilities: Principal Developer, Project co-founder, Website team lead
Personal Site:
Random "facts":
not a traditional Indian
a pirate
the straw that stirs the drink

Andy Staudacher


IRC Nick: valiant/andy_st (
Location: San Francisco, California
Day Job: Software Engineer, Google
Teams: Gallery 3.x, Gallery 2.x, Documentation
Gallery Responsibilities: Principal Developer

Chris Kelly

Ckdake profile.jpg

IRC Nick: ckdake
On Codex: ckdake
Location: Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Day Job: Software Developer at Highgroove Studios.
Teams: Gallery 3.x, Gallery 2.x, Gallery 1.x
Gallery Responsibilities: Project Management, Releases, Pestering people, Affiliate Relationships, T-Shirts, etc
Personal Site:
Random "facts":

Dave Moore

after a Weißbier beer or 2

IRC Nick: floridave
Location: Edmonton, Canada
Day Job: Engineering technologist, EastLInk
Teams: Support
Gallery Responsibilities: Support, testing, forum moderation & other tasks.
Personal Site: &
Random "facts":
Use to own a midget but now drives a Sienna
Likes Guinness but will settle for most other beer,
Has two kids, but both were born in two different countries,
Has lived in four countries and eight cities, but still lives where he grew up.

Tim Almdal

Almdal Tim.JPG

IRC Nick: talmdal
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Day Job: Enterprise Architect
Teams: Gallery 3.x, Gallery 2.x
Gallery Responsibilities: Principal Developer
Personal Site:

Chad Kieffer


IRC Nick: thumb/thumb70
Location: Santa Fe, NM, US
Day Job: Developer/DBA
Teams: Gallery 3.x, Gallery 2.x, Website
Gallery Responsibilities: User Interface Developer, Website UI/Theme Developer, Documentation

Alan Harder


IRC Nick: mindless
Location: Sunnyvale, California
Day Job: Software Engineer at Sun Microsystems
Teams: Gallery 2.x, Website
Gallery Responsibilities: Developer

Kevin Nehls

IRC Nick: nivekiam
Teams: Support
Gallery Responsibilities: Forum moderator, Support

Donald Webster

IRC Nick: fryfrog
Teams: Support
Gallery Responsibilities: Datacenter Monkey

Contributors (both current and historical)

There are many other folks who have made contributions to this project. It's hard to list them all here, but we're going to try to list everybody who has made what we consider a major contribution to Gallery on this page. If you have been left out or misrepresented, please let us know!

Also see the special page for Gallery 1 Credits.

Adam Lazur - G1 code contributor, former Debian patch maintainer
Adrian Chung - Geeklog integration
Amedeo Paglione - Developer, Mac Guy
Andy Lindeman (alindeman) - Forum moderator / helper
Anthony Moulen - G1 code contributor
Ariel Shkedi - G1 code contributor
Beckett Madden-Woods (beckettmw) - Developer
Benjamin Sadaba - G1 code contributor
Chad Kieffer - G2 User Interface Designer
Chetan Sarva - G2 snapshot page maintainer
Chris Ricker - G1 code contributor
Chris Schwerdt - Developer, Remote protocol
Chris Smith - Project co-founder, principle G1 UI designer and developer
Christian 'h0bbel' Mohn - Support, Services, Tools
Dana Powers - G1 code contributor
Dariush 'dmolavi' Molavi - Integration efforts with Nuke and PHPBB
David Weaver - G2 project manager
Demian Johnston - G1 code contributor
Dolan Halbrook - Gallery Remote developer
Don Seiler - G2 developer
Douglas Cau - G2 Developer
Dr. Tilman Bubeck - G1 code contributor
Ed Wilts - Significant user and developer support (forums and mailing list)
Eelco Brolman - G1 code contributor
Ernesto Baschny - G2 developer
Felix 'virshu' Rabinovich - G2 developer, Russian forum moderator
Gaile Elliott - Documentation Team Lead
Ioana Ciocanescu - G2 code contributor
Jacob Redding - G1 code contributor
Jakob 'jhilden' Hilden - G2/G3 User Interaction/Interface
Javier Mezquita - G1 Multilanguage version
Jay Rossiter - G1, G2 Developer
Jens 'tim_j' Tkotz - G1 Lead Developer
Jerome Rannikko - G2 code contributor
Jesse Mullan - G1, G2 Developer, Snapshot Page Maintainer
Joan McGalliard - Developer
JoEllen Drazan (JadeDragon/JadeaDragon) - Skins developer
Johannes Schmittat - G2 code contributor
John Kirkland - Developer
Jon Huang - User Interface Designer
Jonas Forsberg - G2 code contributor
John L. Hughes - Geeklog integration
John W. Holmes - G1 code contributor
Joseph D. Scheve - G1 code contributor
Jozef 'jozefs' Selesi - G3 developer, G2 developer
József 'joe7' Rekedt-Nagy - G3 developer, G2 developer, support
Katrin Goetzer - G2 usability analyst
Ken Frank - G1 code contributor
Larry Menard - G2: added DB2 support and contributed several DB2 UDFs
Markus Illenseer - G1 code contributor, German forum moderator, significant user support, User guide contributor
Matthew McEachen - G1 contributor
Matthew Miller - G2 code contributor
Matt Reynolds - User guide contributor
Michael Kleinert - Certified web hosting relationship manager
Michael 'schultmc' Schultheiss - Debian packages, NPO assistance
Nelson Pereira - G1 French translation
Pierre-Luc 'paour' Paour - Gallery Remote
Rob Lingle - G1 contributor
Robert Balousek - G2 Project Manager, G2 Developer
Robert Heel - Assistance sorting through the RFE Database
Ross Reyman - G2 User Interface Designer
Sammy Spets - G1 code contributor
Santiago Amposta - G1 Multilanguage version
Scott Gartner - Developer, User Interface Designer, Localization
Sebastian Bergmann - Significant user and developer support (forums and mailing list)
Sebastian Eichner - G2 code contributor
Stefan Ioachim - G2 code contributor
Stephen Jones - Significant user support
Steve Lacy - G1 code contributor
Tony Mayer - G1 and G2 Graphic design
Troy Edwards - G1 code contributor, significant user support
Wade Lloyd - Customization forum moderator, Owner of Customization section of User guide, G1 code contributor

Would you like to join the team?

We welcome new members to the Gallery team. In the past, we have been slow to include others, mainly due to our lack of organization. We have a new initiative however, to add a little structure to our development process. The main goal here is to make it possible to grow the team without fragmenting the project.

Because the project is not strictly managed we really like to get to know someone before actually adding them to the development team. And by this I mean getting a sense of their motivations with regards to Gallery and their sensibilities. We are by no means snobs. Being an excellent programmer is one thing, but getting along with our development style is very important.

The best way to become a core team member is to start by contributing in the forums, joining #gallery on and the gallery-devel mailing list to join the discussion. We promote from within so as we recognize your talent and dedication to the project we'll ask you to step up and do more. If you continue to be interested, motivated, and a good fit with the team socially then we'll be happy to have you as a core team member. Be aware that we have very high standards for core team members and we expect them to contribute at least 5-10 hours a week to working on the project.