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Gallery Codex:About

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This site, Codex, is the official help center for the Gallery software. Codex is a wiki which means anyone can add, edit, or improve any page. But before you do, we strongly recommend that you read the Codex Guidelines page.

To fight spam, all users must confirm their e-mail address before being able to make edits.

If you are interested in volunteering and bridging the gap in documentation, then you may want to head over to the task list and use that as a starting point for adding stuff to Codex. Your help in creating and maintaining this resource will be highly appreciated.

Primary Goal 
Every support forum question should be answerable by a Codex page or link.

More about Codex

This is an open wiki, and anyone can edit most of the pages in it. We urge you to create an account and login before you work on it, as this will allow for better communication. Try the Sandbox for practicing, and edit freely. Changes can always be reverted easily, so be bold in updating!