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Tools that can export photos to Gallery3

Adobe Lightroom ->



Aperture (Mac OS X)

Export your pictures from Apple Aperture to Gallery3 with the ApertureToGallery3 plugin. For Mac OS X only. Supports only Gallery 3. Has the ability to add a watermark to the uploaded image.

Calendar Import

Allows you to configure an import folder on your server that users can use as a "dumping ground" for their items.
See: Gallery3:Modules:calendar_import


A command line uploader for Gallery3

Gallery Remote

You can use the classic gallery remote standalone application for Win/Linux/Mac after installing the G3 remote module

HTML upload

A G3 module with a simple form to upload items

HTML5 upload

A G3 module that uses HTML5 drag/drop to upload items

iPhoto (Mac OS X)

Export your pictures from iPhoto to Gallery3 with the iPhotoToGallery3 plugin. For Mac OS X only. Supports only Gallery 3. Download the plugin here.

There is an alternative version for the iPhotoToGallery3 plugin based upon the code used for the ApertureToGallery3. The key difference from a user perspective is selecting albums with a browser vs a drop down. Under the hood, the new version is a lot cleaner. This version currently does support image scaling, but can be added if people ask for it. The iPhotoToGallery3 code is hosted in the ApertureToGallery3 GitHub page.

iPhone/iPad (Mac iOS)


  • Shotwell is a popular photo organizer for the GNOME desktop.
  • Discussion: On the forums.
  • Code: On GitHub.

viGallery for iPhone

viGallery is a Gallery 3 client for iOS. It allows you to manage your photos and albums straight from your iOS device. viGallery – Infos and Support


Windows based application:

Export from Windows Live Photo Gallery:


Written in Python, Windows binary available.

Note: Possibly broken, upload failed to work (2011-12-04 using v0.1.8 and gallery 3.0.2)

Tools that can import photos from Gallery 3


Per ->

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