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GMC:Drupal Issues

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  • No logout link
  • CSS does not pass validation
  • Need a site favicon (picts from logo)

Broken Links

  • Marquee Support link
  • Marquee Developer link
  • Header documentation link. Link to codex instead?

Stuff Alan Found

(needs to get integrated into the rest of this page -- somebody help please!)

  • Main page.. page links at bottom line wrapped between "next" and "page".. doesn't look so good.
  • Are comments from news items on GMC1 migrated? I don't see any news items here with replies. **After login I can see replies.
  • When I click the title of a news item the resulting page doesn't show the title at the top.
  • No division between news items other than new heading.. one news item (SoC) contains a heading that is even bigger (about the deadline) which kinda makes it look like a separate news item.
  • April fools news item contains a "more details" link to gmc1.. should this have been rewritten?
  • April fools news item has a charset issue.. M�ller
  • User Testamonials also has the line-wrap of page navigation and charset problems listed above.
  • Gallery Team: two places show a ! before a name.. I think these are old-wiki tokens to prevent making those words into links.. they should be stripped in migration.
  • Recent posts also has the line-wrapped page navigator.
  • These main navigation links (in top nav) link to "Page Not Found": Downloads, Documentation, Search, Support, Developers
  • These main navigation links (in right nav) link to "Page Not Found": Screenshots, Sample Galleries, Documentation, Gallery FAQ,
  • When I click Forums some of the content overlaps the nav boxes on the right. Forums list and list of topics in each forum does this.
  • Like news articles, no title on page to view a forum topic.
  • I don't see any replies to forum topics, only the initial posts.
    • After login I can see replies.
  • Even after login I see "You are not allowed to post a new forum topic"

Browser Specific Issues

  • Safari - Top banner buttons broken, no icons, displayed stacked without style.

Warnings and Errors

Bad UI

  • [Search Tips page] Search input box not labelled
  • [Login page] Username input is ~75% wide
  • [Advanced Search page] Date inputs are ~75% wide
  • [My Account - Edit] Password inputs misaligned
  • [My Account - Edit] Email and Username inputs are ~75% wide
  • [Forums] Comment threading makes long posts unreadable
    • flatforum module installed -- theming of this is underway (Trae)

Missing Functionality

  • Sample Galleries not implemented (needs an embedded G2)
  • User roles not migrated
  • Forum Avatars not migrated
  • Comments from stories not migrated (or partially migrated?)



  • Search is slow
    • Not anymore; we've properly enabled FULLTEXT searching and now it is much faster.

Warnings and Errors

  • Advanced Search page
    • 3 warnings at the top of the page: fixed