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Often we get questions about the architecture of the Gallery website. Hopefully this page can answer most of your questions, please add them to the talk page here and we'll get the information added.

The Gallery website, which we refer to as GMC (Gallery.Menalto.Com) is composed of several components. There's the main Drupal install at, our Gallery installation at, and our documentation site running MediaWiki at Some information about how we maintain these is available on the Website Maintenance Processes page. The main thing tying these components together is our custom themes for each piece. You can read more about the beginnings of the "new" Gallery website in the news story about the launch: Welcome to the new Gallery website!

For system software, we are typically using the most recent stable Apache 2, MySQL, PHP, and eAccelerator in Debian on a Dual Opteron server with 4GB of RAM.


Our Drupal install is mostly stock components with a few modifications.

  • Stock components
  • Modified and custom components
    • Our custom theme for Drupal (Sorry, we can't give you our theme. We put a lot of work into it and it's important that the look of our site is identifiable with us). The main thing that makes the forums look how they do is changes in our theme that extend the flatforum module.
    • Forum modification: Collapsible Forum Containers
    • Forum modification: Don't list sub-forums
    • The sfvote module which allows voting on items from the trackers on our sourceforge page
    • The autofaq module which generates an auto response list of FAQ entries in the forums
    • The paidsupport module which runs our paid support system
    • A few other custom modules to do some small tasks such as redirecting old GMC PostNuke urls to new Drupal urls, showing user testimonials and providing templates for new forum topics


Pretty much a stock MediaWiki install with a custom theme and the gallery2wiki extension. This site looks mostly like GMC, but requires a separate account. (Like the Drupal theme, Sorry, we can't give you our theme. We put a lot of work into it and it's important that the look of our site is identifiable with us.)


Pretty much a stock Gallery install with a custom theme and the gallery.module for integration with Drupal. More information about this process can be found at