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Remove /lib/tools/test/ and add some emergency tools in /tools/ or /emergency
Remove /lib/tools/test/ and add some emergency tools in /tools/ or /emergency
* Flush the database cache
* Provide a tool that flushes everything that we can flush.
* Flush the derivative cache
===Theme Documentation===
===Theme Documentation===

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Final Release Blockers

High Priority


Remove /lib/tools/test/ and add some emergency tools in /tools/ or /emergency

  • Provide a tool that flushes everything that we can flush.

Theme Documentation

The theme system needs to be documented. This already has been started on the theme page.

Lightweight release without development overhead

Don't ship the final release with unneeded bloat, e.g. /lib/tools/, .po files, /modules/*/test/. (be careful of some modules that need modules/*/test/data like imagemagick)

Add better multisite install docs

See sf.net task 117349.

Bug Recursive remove perms leaves data in imageblock cache

See sf.net bug 1241790.

Administration Manual

A guide to document the common administration tasks as installing, upgrading, configuring, etc.

User Manual

A guide for common user actions as adding albums, items, document each module and feature; what it does, how to use it, etc.

Module Development Documention

A module howto and an introduction to the G2 framework, how to do common stuff, etc.

Links to required and optional binaries and packages

Ideally, we'd have a package of all required and optional binaries for the supported platforms. Or link to the available precompiled binaries and offer a package of the missing binaries on our site.

Supported platforms: linux, WinXP, OSX, *BSD, Win2003Server, ...?

Binaries: NetPBM, ImageMagick, unzip, ffmpeg, jhead, dcraw, zip, php-cgi (with gettext, GD2, .. support)

Links to other requirements: apache, php, JRE,

Create a huge FAQ and knowledge base

A huge FAQ and a specialized knowledge base can simplify the everyday work as a support staff member tremendously. e.g. that blank site admin -> module pages could be caused by a too small memory limit (16mb is sometimes not enough), or how to deal with data corruptions, etc.

More debug information in the install core module step

After Beta 4 was released, I have the impression there were more "install core module failed" issues than before. And it's very, very difficult to find the problem with the little output we get. Perhaps have much more $gallery->debug messages during the install process.

Of course it would be better if we had not to debug, i.e. if the installer was even more robust than it is at the moment.

Low Priority

Downloadable translations

Don't ship the final release with all available languages, only with en_UK. But users that can't extract a language archive over an existing G2 install will have a hard time adding the translation files in all modules manually via FTP.

Better Edit Permissions UI

The edit permissions UI was discussed again and again and the only conclusion was that it needs to be reworked. See [this forum thread] for a discussion of where this might lead.

Bug "view comments" permission obscures "view item"

See sf.net bug 903975.

Bug Applets + G1->G2 url rewrite cause logout in IE

See sf.net bug 1231227.

Create Embedding & Integration docs

See sf.net task 111196.

Try to lower the PHP memory limit requirement

Currently, we ask for at a memory limit of at least 16mb, else we show a warning in the installer. But even 16mb seem to be not enough for simple tasks like displaying the list of modules (site admin -> modules). 12mb seem to be not enough to delete an album. (in some cases). Most often, the user just sees an empty page or something like that. We should track down the memory consumption, e.g. if it is the translation files or what else.

Release Candidate 2 Blockers

Release Candidate 1 Blockers