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Gallery2:2.2.2 Change Candidates

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Revision as of 15:41, 1 May 2007 by Valiant (Talk | contribs) (r16360 - Delete+Uninstall warning)

If we release a Gallery 2.2.2, the following changes should be considered to be included.

Bug #1706657 - Session Based Permission Issue (print services)

Not fixed yet.

r16188 - Fix core upgrade notification in template

Fix core upgrade notification in template

An incorrect variable name (which, sadly we don't get a warning for from Smarty) causes us to fail to see the notification that there's a newer version of the core available. And a quick review of the text shows that one of the bullet points is confusing/unhelpful so I removed it.

r16216 - Fatal PHP error in fetchWebPage on too many redirects

Fix for bug 1693499 - Fatal PHP error in fetchWebPage on too many redirects. Was introduced in r15375 (in G2.2).

r16225 - Fix rewrite rule for embedded core.DownloadItem

Fix for bug 1693956. The core.DownloadItem RewriteRule had a wrong rewrite target URL, it included the sessionId from configuration time. This could well break an embedded G2.2 (losing the session, not seeing non-public content, etc).

r16237 - Uninstall warning

Fix for bug 1695294. Need stronger warning when uninstalling plugins.

r16360 - Delete+Uninstall warning

Fix for bug 1708282. Need stronger warning when deleting plugins if the plugin is installed.

r16263 - Session Data Truncated

Fix for bug 1593803. Session data could be truncated on large imports from g1 with lots of data.

r16361 - Session Based Permission Issue in Digibug / Shutterfly

Fix for bug 1706657. Password-module or hidden-module protected items (both using session permissions) wouldn't be detected as non-public by the digibug and shutterfly modules and such items couldn't be printed.