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Gallery2:2.2.2 Change Candidates

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Revision as of 12:55, 25 May 2007 by Valiant (Talk | contribs)

If we release a Gallery 2.2.2, the following changes should be considered to be included.

r16188 - Fix core upgrade notification in template

Fix core upgrade notification in template

An incorrect variable name (which, sadly we don't get a warning for from Smarty) causes us to fail to see the notification that there's a newer version of the core available. And a quick review of the text shows that one of the bullet points is confusing/unhelpful so I removed it.

r16216 - Fatal PHP error in fetchWebPage on too many redirects

Fix for bug 1693499 - Fatal PHP error in fetchWebPage on too many redirects. Was introduced in r15375 (in G2.2).

r16225 - Fix rewrite rule for embedded core.DownloadItem

Fix for bug 1693956. The core.DownloadItem RewriteRule had a wrong rewrite target URL, it included the sessionId from configuration time. This could well break an embedded G2.2 (losing the session, not seeing non-public content, etc).

r16237 - Uninstall warning

Fix for bug 1695294. Need stronger warning when uninstalling plugins.

r16360 - Delete+Uninstall warning

Fix for bug 1708282. Need stronger warning when deleting plugins if the plugin is installed.

r16263 - Session Data Truncated

Fix for bug 1593803. Session data could be truncated on large imports from g1 with lots of data.

r16361 - Session Based Permission Issue in Digibug / Shutterfly

Fix for bug 1706657. Password-module or hidden-module protected items (both using session permissions) wouldn't be detected as non-public by the digibug and shutterfly modules and such items couldn't be printed.

r16368 - Fix theme reset path if active theme is incompatible

Fix for bug 1711556. Our theme fallback code to allow admins to change the theme even if the active theme isn't compatible / avaible didn't work in G2.2 anymore.

Note: Include r16372 since r16368 introduced a very serious bug.

r16375 - Fix UnixPlatform.exec if g2data path has a space in it

One line change.

r16432 - Fix in updateMapEntry for nonTransactional case

r16457 - Store the table creation sql in the schema table

Workaround for bug 1721972.

Pending - Fix for webdav entity-type bug