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(Moved page-caching for embedded g2 from RC-2 to RC-1 blocker status)
(Moved JavaScript warning 'bug' to "fixed" section.)
Line 62: Line 62:
=== Bug: Upload applet loses credentials ===
=== Bug: Upload applet loses credentials ===
See bug [http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=1564288&group_id=7130&atid=107130 1564288]
See bug [http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=1564288&group_id=7130&atid=107130 1564288]
: Owner: ?
: Status: '''not started yet'''
=== Bug: Need warning if JavaScript is disabled ===
* See bug [http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=1607940&group_id=7130&atid=107130 1607940]
* Pages like "site admin" -> "Plugins" need a warning that JavaScript needs to be enabled.
: Owner: ?
: Owner: ?
: Status: '''not started yet'''
: Status: '''not started yet'''
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: Owner: bharat
: Owner: bharat
: Status: '''fixed'''
: Status: '''fixed'''
=== <strike>Bug: Need warning if JavaScript is disabled</strike> ===
* See bug [http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=1607940&group_id=7130&atid=107130 1607940]
* Pages like "site admin" -> "Plugins" need a warning that JavaScript needs to be enabled.
: Owner: Zimzat
: Status: '''added'''

Revision as of 21:38, 3 December 2006

Release Candidate 1 Blockers

Finish webdav and httpauth modules

The webdav module still needs some changes, fixes

  • Code cleanup due to code audit violations (urlGenerator related).
  • P9 bug for httpauth module: 1593484
  • End user & admin documentation needed
  • Bug: Fix rewrite rule for webdav. Does not validate / activate because of backslash in rule
  • Bug: GalleryCoreApi::refreshLocks() should have an argument! Thus this code in WebDavHelper is not covered in tests yet.
  • Bug: testLockUnlock fails with DB locking. "$expires = time() + 10;" is not used in case of DB locking, thus "Seconds-10" is "Seconds-30" in that case.
  • webdav should use RewriteApi instead of RewriteHelper
  • Show "rewrite configuration required" message in admin page if not all rewrite rules are active
  • make the root album work
  • make davmount a detailed itemlink not a summary itemlink
  • Bug: httpauth doesn't work with php-cgi yet and there's an error message in the site admin page that says you need to enable a rewrite rule that doesn't exist yet. we should either fix it for g2.2 or change that messaage ASAP (before our translators waste their time on a message that will change).
  • Bug: Errors in the httpauth admin view. The tpl uses a smarty modifier (elementId) that doesn't exist in g2, nor in the official smarty release.
  • ensure that international characters work correctly
Owner: jablko, bharat, valiant
Status: in progress, still needs a few days of work

Green tests for all supported environments

  • " MSSQL: some multibyte character related tests since UCS-2 is locale-dependent and only a subset of UTF-8. Won't fix, needs disclaimer for MSSQL support.
  • TODO: Re-assess once RC-1 candidate is cut.
Owner: valiant (lead), Larry Menard (DB2, MSSQL), everyone
Status: MySQL, PostgreSQL, DB2, Oracle: green (as of 2006/11/23), MSSQL: almost there

Tested upgrade path from 2.0, 2.1 and random beta versions

Owner: ? (lead), everyone
Status: not started yet

Tested browser compatibility

See the browser compatibility matrix

Owner: mindless (lead), everyone
Status: 10%, need more helping hands

Bug: mysql conversion to UTF-8 deletes data during upgrade

  • See: 1593272
  • Could be difficult to reproduce, but the severity is high
Owner: ?
Status: -

Bug: Java Applets don't work in Opera 9

  • See: 1592252
  • Works in FF, IE, Opera 8.54, but not in Opera 9 (incl 9.10)
  • Is it a GR or a Opera bug? The regression in Opera indicates the latter.
Owner: paour, Opera QA (Junyor aka roynuj), valiant
Status: new applet release necessary, Java source code presumeably fixed already

Page level caching not supported when embedded

See bug 1579951

Owner: valiant
Status: need a reviewer for the patch (patch is not very cool, need input on better solution)

Release Candidate 2 Blockers

Patches due to Security Audit from RC 1

Owner: gallery-core
Status: -, depends on RC1

Bug: Upload applet loses credentials

See bug 1564288

Owner: ?
Status: not started yet

Release Blockers

Green tests for all supported environments

After the modifications since RC1, we need to test everything again.

Owner: ? (lead), everyone
Status: depends on final release packages

Codex page text for all official plugins

Some modules lack a real codex page and have a 1 line description which is just not good enough.

Owner: ? (lead), everyone
Status: -

Nice to have

Task: Disable Advanced features via Emergency page in lib/support/

See sf.net task "Disable Advanced Features via lib/support"

Owner: ?
Status: not started yet


Implement a PHP-based gettext fallback solution. Either based on php-gettext or on a custom solution for G2.

Owner: Joe7
Status: still in exploration

Fixing more of the small security improvements

The list of small, uncritical things that could be improved is rather long. If someone can't work on the blockers, security or G2 tasks from sf.net are a good thing to work on.

Owner: -
Status: not started yet

Usability Improvements

Owner: virshu
Status: looks like there are no further improvements for G2.2

Larger Varchar fields for DB2

We need 4x the size for DB2 varchar fields (multibyte issue).

  • Requires DB2-only DB upgrade code (and generate-sql.php change)
Owner: birdman, valiant
Status: not started yet

Finished Tasks

Cleaning page level cache is expensive

See bug 1571585

Owner: michiel1981
Status: Done

Minimum MSSQL version

Add "(version XXX or newer)" in the list of databases in the DB step of the installer. All other dbs list a minumum version here.

Analyze tables on upgrade

See task 131369

  • Problems arised, rolled back code
Owner: virshu, valiant
Status: done

Figure out flash licensing

We need to add the .fla to our svn repository and figure out whether we can include the .swf in G2 (GPL). Looks good.

Owner: suprsidr, valiant
Status: done, .swf included. Should be fine.

Bug: GalleryTemplate::preFilter mangles emails

See bug 1595525

Owner: mindless
Status: done

Find solution for MSSQL and UTF-8

MSSQL doesn't support UTF-8. We'll opt for using COM's UTF-8 <-> UCS-2 transliteration. It will cover most use cases, but it's weaker than the other DBMS alternatives of G2 since UCS-2 is a locale-dependent 2-byte charset. UTF-8 is much bigger and not locale-dependent.

Owner: Larry, valiant, h0bbel
Status: done

Bug: hybrid theme slightly broken in IE7

See bug 1591345

Owner: mindless, valiant
Status: fixed, verification pending

Security tasks

Tasks based on security assessment / report from valiant.

  • All tasks are done and related usability issues should be resolved
Owners: Bharat, valiant, mindless
Status: all tasks done

Bug: Failed upgrades when doing 1.0 -> 1.2 (core)

See bug 1588211

Owner: ?
Status: bug closed, insufficient information

Bug: captcha lacks a keyword

See bug 1558406

Owner: bharat
Status: fixed

Bug: Need warning if JavaScript is disabled

  • See bug 1607940
  • Pages like "site admin" -> "Plugins" need a warning that JavaScript needs to be enabled.
Owner: Zimzat
Status: added