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Gallery2:Design Documents:Default Guest Permissions

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Default Guest Permissions

  • Summary: Set secure default permissions for guest users.
  • Reference: G2 Task 144955


  • The default policy is to give creators of items full access to the owned item
  • Some admins don't understand the implications of giving guests "add item / album" / "edit item", "all access" permissions
  • The guest is shared by everyone. So giving guest some permission to edit something means giving everyone the permission to change things by everyone else.
  • Therefore we need to make an exception for guest users by giving guests a minimal set of permissions. E.g. not giving the guest user any special permissions even if its the owner / creator of an item / comment.


  • Instead of giving full access, give guests by default very restrictive access to items owned by the guest user.
  • Maybe make this even configurable (site wide default permission rules for guests).
  • Add a "Security" page in site admin to report the current status and warn about misconfigurations


  • Centralize default permissions (default permissions for albums are still set in different places)
  • In GalleryItem::save, set the permissions restrictively if guest is the owner
  • Add a "Security" site admin view to report
    • Items with public edit/delete permissions
    • config.php permissions
    • g2data web-accessible
    • Base URL settings
    • etc.
  • Add some UI to configure default guest permissions for guest-owned items