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There are four different types of packages you can download. Choose the one that is the most appropriate for you. If you accidentally download a package that is too small or too large, you can always replace it later.

Minimal - The base application, 2 themes and 3 graphics toolkits. Everything you need to publish photos, and nothing more.

Typical - The base application, 6 themes and a selection of popular modules. Enough to satisfy the demands of most Gallery users.

Full - The base application, 6 themes and 46 modules. Every cool feature we've got.

Developer - Same as the full package, except it includes all the developer tools so that you can work on improving the code.

You get to pick and choose which modules you activate, so even if you download a package that has more modules than you need you can always choose not to activate the ones you don't want. You can also activate a module and test it out for a while, then later deactivate and deinstall it. You can also delete any modules/themes that you're not using if you want to save space.

In addition, all of our modules and themes are available separately so if you install a smaller package and then later on decide that you want to add more functionality you can download just the modules/themes that you want and install them yourself.

Package Version Downloads
gallery-2.0-rc-1 Typical 5.5MB zip * 4.0MB tar.gz
gallery-2.0-rc-1 Full 8.2MB zip 5.6MB tar.gz
gallery-2.0-rc-1 Minimal 4.4MB zip 3.4MB tar.gz
gallery-2.0-rc-1 Developer 9.8MB zip 6.8MB tar.gz


Gallery features come as separate modules. You can download and install modules to add more features to your Gallery, or you can disable features if you don't want to use them. In order to use a feature, you must install, configure (if necessary) and activate it. If you don't wish to use a feature, you can deactivate it.

Module Name Description Version Core/Module API Downloads
Captcha Captcha 0.9.6 6.0 / 2.0 53KB zip 27KB tar.gz
Debugging Debugging and Developer Tools 0.9.5 6.0 / 2.0 39KB zip 12KB tar.gz
Members Members List and Profiles 0.9.5 6.0 / 2.0 71KB zip 31KB tar.gz
Quotas User/Group Disk Quotas 0.9.5 6.0 / 2.0 90KB zip 38KB tar.gz
Rearrange Rearrange the order of album items all at once 0.9.5 6.0 / 2.0 38KB zip 16KB tar.gz
Registration New User Registration 0.9.5 89KB zip 44KB tar.gz
Search Search your Gallery 0.9.6 6.0 / 2.0 71KB zip 28KB tar.gz
URL Rewrite Enables short URLs using mod_rewrite. 0.9.14 6.0 / 2.0 130KB zip 69KB tar.gz
User Albums Create an album for each new user 0.9.5 6.0 / 2.0 46KB zip 20KB tar.gz
Graphics Toolkits
Module Name Description Version Core/Module API Downloads
Dcraw Dcraw Graphics Toolkit 0.9.5 6.0 / 2.0 47KB zip 22KB tar.gz
Ffmpeg A toolkit for processing movies 0.9.5 6.0 / 2.0 280KB zip 238KB tar.gz
Gd Gd Graphics Toolkit 0.9.5 6.0 / 2.0 87KB zip 53KB tar.gz
ImageMagick ImageMagick Graphics Toolkit 0.9.9 6.0 / 2.0 263KB zip 194KB tar.gz
NetPBM NetPBM Graphics Toolkit 0.9.7 6.0 / 2.0 138KB zip 67KB tar.gz
Module Name Description Version Core/Module API Downloads
Album Select Jump directly to any album using a select box or tree view 0.9.9 6.0 / 2.0 66KB zip 30KB tar.gz
Image Block Random, Most Recent or Most Viewed Photo or Album 0.9.7 6.0 / 2.0 131KB zip 60KB tar.gz
Module Name Description Version Core/Module API Downloads
Cart Shopping Cart Module 0.9.6 6.0 / 2.0 66KB zip 27KB tar.gz
PhotoAccess PhotoAccess Photo Printing Module 0.9.5 6.0 / 2.0 38KB zip 14KB tar.gz
Shutterfly Shutterfly Photo Printing Module 0.9.5 6.0 / 2.0 20KB zip 8KB tar.gz
Zip Download Download cart items in a zip file 0.9.5 6.0 / 2.0 39KB zip 16KB tar.gz
Module Name Description Version Core/Module API Downloads
Color Packs Select different color palettes for themes 0.9.0 6.4 / 2.0 20KB zip 7KB tar.gz
Icons Display icons for links 0.9.5 6.0 / 2.0 92KB zip 52KB tar.gz
ImageFrame Render frames around images 0.9.6 6.0 / 2.0 164KB zip 83KB tar.gz
New Items Highlight new/updated Gallery items 0.9.5 6.0 / 2.0 56KB zip 25KB tar.gz
Panorama View wide jpeg/gif images in a java applet viewer 0.9.5 6.0 / 2.0 60KB zip 30KB tar.gz
Random Highlight Periodically change the album highlight 0.9.9 6.0 / 2.0 38KB zip 14KB tar.gz
Size Limit Define picture size limit 0.9.6 6.0 / 2.0 53KB zip 23KB tar.gz
Slideshow Slideshow 0.9.5 6.0 / 2.0 65KB zip 31KB tar.gz
Slideshow Applet Fullscreen slideshow using a Java applet 0.9.8 6.0 / 2.0 452KB zip 433KB tar.gz
Square Thumbnails Build all thumbnails so they are square 0.9.7 6.0 / 2.0 42KB zip 17KB tar.gz
Thumbnail Manager Set default thumbnails for non-image items 0.9.8 6.0 / 2.0 105KB zip 65KB tar.gz
Thumbnail Page Select page/frame from a multipage file or movie for the thumbnail 0.9.6 6.0 / 2.0 39KB zip 15KB tar.gz
Watermark Watermark your images 0.9.7 6.0 / 2.0 113KB zip 55KB tar.gz
Extra Data
Module Name Description Version Core/Module API Downloads
Comments User commenting system 0.9.7 6.0 / 2.0 140KB zip 63KB tar.gz
Custom Fields Create custom data fields for Gallery items 0.9.6 6.0 / 2.0 116KB zip 55KB tar.gz
EXIF/IPTC Extract EXIF/IPTC data from JPEG photos 0.9.8 6.0 / 2.0 238KB zip 151KB tar.gz
MIME Maintenance Maintain MIME types and file extensions 0.9.8 6.0 / 2.0 37KB zip 17KB tar.gz
MultiLanguage Support item captions in multiple languages 0.9.6 6.0 / 2.0 63KB zip 27KB tar.gz
Module Name Description Version Core/Module API Downloads
Archive Upload Extract items from uploaded zip files 0.9.5 6.0 / 2.0 62KB zip 26KB tar.gz
Migration Migrate your Gallery 1 albums to Gallery 2 0.9.7 6.0 / 2.0 593KB zip 408KB tar.gz
Nokia Image Upload Implementation of Nokia Image Upload Server API v1.1 0.9.5 6.0 / 2.0 59KB zip 25KB tar.gz
Publish XP Implementation for direct publishing from XP 0.9.6 6.1 / 2.0 74KB zip 34KB tar.gz
Remote Implementation for the remote control protocol 0.9.8 6.0 / 2.0 51KB zip 22KB tar.gz
Upload Applet Easy to use upload applet for media 0.9.5 6.0 / 2.0 446KB zip 430KB tar.gz
WebCam Support periodically updated images like a webcam 0.9.8 6.0 / 2.0 38KB zip 15KB tar.gz


Module Name Description Version Core/Module API Downloads
Matrix Standard Gallery2 look and feel 0.9.9 6.0 / 2.1 90KB zip 43KB tar.gz
Classic Classic Gallery2 root album look and feel 0.9.3 6.4 / 2.1 77KB zip 30KB tar.gz
Hybrid Combined album/image/slideshow dynamic view 0.10.6 6.0 / 2.0 68KB zip 36KB tar.gz
Slider Image viewer/slideshow; subalbums/other items not shown 0.10.5 6.0 / 2.0 61KB zip 30KB tar.gz
Tile Tile view of background image and image thumbnails; subalbums/other items not shown 0.9.8 6.0 / 2.0 50KB zip 24KB tar.gz
Siriux Gallery theme 0.9.8 6.0 / 2.0 66KB zip 24KB tar.gz