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Gallery2:How do I make square thumbnails

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Photo shop has automation features that will allow you to create thumbnails for all photographs in your directory.For example, you can create a web photo gallery from the "File->Automation" menu. This will create thumbnail and "full sized" versions of your photographs, and html pages that allow you to click on the thumbnail to view the larger image. There are several layout options and you can select colors for various elements.

The thumbnails were created automatically by Photoshop (using a value of 50 for resizing). As you can see, the sizes of the icons vary, depending on the original size of the image. In some cases, such as the panoramic photo, an unusual aspect ratio can result in an image that is significantly smaller than others resized in the same batch. If your web design calls for a tabular arrangement of multiple rows and columns, you are likely to find irregularly sized thumbnails do not produce a pleasing result:

How do I add a new toolkit?

supports four image toolkits: NetPBM, ImageMagick, GD and GraphicsMagick. They're all equally good, though some say that NetPBM has slightly better quality and that ImageMagick is slightly faster than NetPBM. GraphicsMagick and ImageMagick are very similar. GD can be very fast, but it will also use a lot of memory so it may cause you to run into predefined server limits. It is also compiled into PHP by default if your PHP is 4.3.0 or more recent, however it may not have support for all image types (e.g. it might not have JPEG support) and GD is also more error-prone than the other toolkits. If the binaries for NetPBM and ImageMagick are installed in default, or standard, locations then Gallery 2 will auto-detect them during Gallery 2 installation. It won't cause any harm to enable all of these toolkits—in fact you’ll get the widest file type support if you do so.