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Gallery2:How to Add Items

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How to Add Items from Your Web Browser


Step 1: Navigate to the album you wish to add items to and click the “add items” link on the sidebar. What if "add items" does not appear for some users or albums?

Step 2: Click the “From Web Browser” tab if you are not already on that tab.

Step 3: You are now presented with five boxes for item uploads. Click the “Browse” button to open a dialog box that enables you to select a local file and insert it's path into the form. Alternatively you can type in the local path directly into the form.

Note: If you need more than the default five, click the “more” link on the bottom of the page to extend the number.

Step 4: If you want, you can enter a caption for the item added in Step 3.

Step 5: Click the “Add Items” button on the bottom of the page to upload the items selected.

How to Add Items from the Local Server

__MAGIC_REMOVE__10989__ Step 1: Create/select an upload directory on the same server as your Gallery 2 installation. Make sure this directory does not contain any sensitive info as it will be available to any user with upload privileges. The directory needs to have permissions of at least 755. (Hint: You can create as many directories as you want, but you only need one.)

Step 2: Navigate to Site Admin -> General. On this page, scroll down to the section entitled “Local Server Upload Paths”. Enter the directory from step 1 here. Be sure to specify the complete path to the directory. This will be something like “/home/myname/uploads”. You will notice as you start typing that Gallery 2 drops down a box with matching directories to help you along. (Hint: Even if you have multiple directories in step 1, you only need to add the root directory here, so long as they’re all in the same tree. Adding more directories will just make it faster to jump to them.)

To help you find out the absolute filesystem path of your upload folder, open config.php of your Gallery 2 installation with a texteditor and take a look at $gallery->setConfig('', path. You should pick your g2data folder as upload path, but the point is that the up to the g2data/ part of the path, the path of your upload folder will be very similar.

Step 3: Upload your items into the directory you created in step 1. This can be done with FTP. The files need to have permissions of at least 755.

Step 4: Navigate to the album you wish to add items to and click the “add items” link on the sidebar.

Step 5: Click the “From local server” tab if you are not already on that tab.

Step 6: On this page is a textbox for you to type in the directory you created in step 1. Below that, you should also see a “link” to that directory. If you have javascript enabled, just click the “link” and it will fill in the textbox for you. If you do not see the directory, then it wasn’t properly added to the legal directories. In that case, click the “modify” link to take you back to step 2.

Step 7: Click “Find Files” and you will be taken to a new page.

Step 8: This new page shows you all the files in the directory of known file types and also any subdirectories. You can select individual files, whole directories, or click on the subdirectories to navigate deeper before selecting files. (Hint: if you select entire subdirectories, each subdirectory will create a new album automatically.)

Step 9: If you would like the filenames to be copied into the title, summary, or description, ensure those boxes are checked. If you want thumbnails created, leave that box checked.

Step 10: Click “add files”. The files you selected will be added to your album and sub albums created for any directories selected. You can now safely delete the files from the upload directory as they have been copied to your G2Data directory under “albums”.

Step 11: Delete the files in the directory you created in step 1. This can be done with FTP. If you don't delete the files, everyone who has "add item" permission, can use the "from local server" method and add your items again somewhere in the Gallery.

How to Add Items with the Upload Applet

__MAGIC_REMOVE__10992__ Template:Expand

How to Add Items from Windows XP

__MAGIC_REMOVE__11004__ Windows XP comes with a nice feature that allows you to publish content from your desktop directly to a web service. Follow the instructions below to enable this service on your Windows XP system.

Step 1: Install and activate the Publish XP module. Login to your Gallery 2 installation, and navigate to the Add Items page (e.g. under 'Options' within an existing gallery). Find the Windows XP tab, click it and download the configuration file available to the computer from which you want to upload pictures. Once downloaded, rename it to 'install_registry.reg'. If it asks you for confirmation about changing the file type, answer 'yes'. Right click on this file and you should see a menu appear. Select the Merge option (this should be at the top of the menu). It will ask you if you want to import these values into your registry. Click 'Ok'. It will tell you that the files were imported successfully. Click 'Ok' again.

Step 2: Open your Windows Explorer and browse to a folder containing supported images. Select the image(s) or a folder and there should be a link on the left that says 'Publish this file to the web...' Click this link and then follow the instructions to log into your Gallery, select an album and publish the image. __MAGIC_REMOVE__35416__ __MAGIC_REMOVE__35420__ __MAGIC_REMOVE__35423__ __MAGIC_REMOVE__35426__ __MAGIC_REMOVE__35429__ __MAGIC_REMOVE__35432__ __MAGIC_REMOVE__35435__ __MAGIC_REMOVE__35438__ __MAGIC_REMOVE__35441__ __MAGIC_REMOVE__35444__

How to Add Items from Picasa 2

Step 1: In Picasa, use "Folder/Export as Web Page" or "Actions/Make a Webpage...", chosing XML as format in the dialog box.

Step 2: Zip the contents of the resulting folder so that the .xml-file is in the root directory of the zip-file

Step 3: Point the "Import from Picasa" tab of your Gallery's "Add Items" page to the local path of your zip-file and click on "Add Items"

Note: Site Admins can import directly from the directory created in Step 1 using the "Import/Picasa 2" functionality of the Site Administration page after having uploaded the directory to the server.