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Gallery2:Installation on Debian

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Debian Distributions

Gallery2 is currently available in Debian Testing (aka Etch) and Debian Unstable (aka Sid) in the package gallery2


Gallery2 requires either the Postgres or MySQL database server. The Debian package only requires the database client, so if you don't have the database server you'll have to install it yourself. Make sure that you have testing or unstable in your /etc/apt/sources.list and first run:

 apt-get update

So that you get the latest list of packages.


To install the MySQL server simply run:

 apt-get install mysql-server-4.1


To install the Postgres server, run:

 apt-get install postgresql-7.4

Since the Gallery2 package does not require the postgres client, you'll also have to do:

 apt-get install postgresql-client-7.4

Gallery 2

To install Gallery2, run:

 apt-get install gallery2

This will download and install Gallery2. It will ask you for MySQL database information. You must enter this, even if you're planning on using Postgres. In a later version of the package we will provide better support for Postgres during the debian pacakge installation.

Once Gallery2 is installed, browse to:

And run through the regular installer.

To see where Gallery2 files are installed, you can run:

 dpkg -L gallery2

This will provide you with a complete list of all installed files.