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Bulk Up Module

Edit the title of many photos at once, from the album view.


Adds a new block that can edit the title of one or more photos in an album when browsing. It adds a check box to select the photos to edit.


  • Edit the title of one or more photos or albums from the side bar.
  • Prepend, append, or replace the old title.
  • "select all" to edit all the photos on the screen at once.

" "fill in" to fill in a range of check boxes. You would select the first and last photo and click "Fill in" to select the ones in between.


  • Download the plugin:
  • Unzip it in the modules directory.
  • login as admin
  • select plugins from the left navigation
  • Under the Extra Data section install the bulk up module.
  • In the theme, add "Bulk Editing Controls" as a block to show in the side bar.


  • Go to the album browse page.
  • Use check boxes to select pictures.
  • Type a new title in the box on the side bar and press enter.
    • Replace - Replace the title
    • Append - Add text to the end of the existing title.
    • Prepend - Add text to the beginning of the existing title.

Requested Features for Next Version

  • Edit other features besides the title.

Other Requests

  • None