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  • Author: (Version 0.0.1) dazza
  • Author: (Version 0.1.1) bauchi
  • Author: (Version 0.2.0) talmdal
  • Author: (Version 0.2.3) voknelserp

Contact Owner


Provides a 'Contact Owner' form which emails the site owner with a message from a user.


  • Captcha Challenge to prevent\reduce spam emails.
  • Internationalization support (see translations).
  • URL rewrite support so the contact page can have a nice URL.
  • Avoids Google Gmail spam filters by sending out plain text emails instead of MIME mails


  • English
  • German


You can install this module by:

  • Going to Site Admin
  • Clicking on the Plugins link from the left side.
  • Then click on Get More Plugins Tab.
  • Then click on Show Repository List.
  • Then check the box that says "Community Plugins"
  • Then click Save
  • Then Click Download Plugin List
  • You will then see the Module 'Contact Owner' listed under 'Display'.
  • Then click on Download

n.b. Some updated versions may be available in the Contact Owner forum topic before being added to the "Community Plugins" repository.

Requested Features

See the forum topic for bugs and more information: