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G2Drupal: Drupal Integration Module
Integrates Gallery2 and Drupal CMS
Version: 0.0.0 (Coming Soon)
Author: Dayo Akanji
Download the module files here.
Visit the Support Site for enquiries and support requests.


  • Gallery 2.3.0+
  • Drupal 7
  • Both Gallery2 and Drupal must be installed under the same document root.


The G2Drupal Module allows users to organize their photos and other multimedia files in Gallery2 while managing other content using G2Drupal.

  • The module runs within the Gallery2 Framework resulting in a single set of normal Gallery2 URLs. This removes the usual setup of having a separate gallery address from the embedded address. Users can now maintain search engine rankings and can provide direct links to gallery pages.
  • The module is called just before output is displayed after all the normal Gallery2 process have been run. It then connects to Drupal and retrieves Drupal html output which is then wrapped around the Gallery2 html. This combined output is then displayed. A benefit of this is that previously cached pages would have been sent to the user before the module is called resulting in faster speeds and lower resource usage.

Other features are:

  • The Drupal and Gallery2 folders can be located at any offset relative to the other as long as they lie under the same document root.
  • Unified login from Drupal (users logged into Drupal are automatically logged into Gallery2).
  • Unified registration via Drupal
  • Auto resolves most javascript and css conflicts.
  • Auto points Gallery2 login, logout and registration links to Drupal when user integration is activated


  • The module is pending release.