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Investigating browser tab selection ordering and rendering layers
YUI OverlayManager manages the z-order of Overlays, but this does not change the browser tab order. The browser tab order rely's on an elements position in the DOM. Making the tab order the same as the layer order would give a better feel.
Need to modify OverlayManager to re-order document rather than manipulate z-index. As well as benefitting tab ordering, SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) does not handle z-ordering so requires document ordering to be rendered at the correct layer.
Other systems implementing image region annotation
There are a number of external systems whose behaviours were mentioned in forums as being desirable for image region annotation, so an attempt should be made to implement the features of these and make it possible to recreate their exact functionality without too much difficulty for a G2 site administrator/themer. Investigation is here: Other systems investigations