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Image Tags Module

Adds tags to items.


Gives user the ability to tag locations on the image.


Authors site



Place the imagetags directory in your gallery2 module folder. Log in as admin and activate the plug-in. After activating a new block ('Image tagging') becomes available. Edit the theme settings so that this block is displayed at the photopage.

This module is so far only tested with the matrix theme. And it needs a few small changes to work.

Delete or comment out the lines 62,68,69,82 in themes/matrix/templates/photo.tpl (current stable release) 62,68,69,79,84 in themes/matrix/templates/photo.tpl (current development release)

Basically the image can not be placed in between <a> and </a> HTML tags. If someone knows how to disable those tags with javascript let me know.

Discovered that if you doesn't have the imageframe module enabled you need to add id="IFid1" to the image tag in the photo.tpl file (line 79). This could probably be avoided with some changes to the javascritps.


The module adds two permissions

  1. imagetags.add => You can mark areas and tag it with persons/objects already in the database
  2. imagetags.edit => You can tag, create new persons/objects and delete tags.



Feature requests

Instead of adding a tag to a database and then selecting it, users should be able to select members of the site from a drop down, or, enter a custom value.

make an album view to show all tags in an album i.e. 'people in this album:'

Facebook's photo module has a page that shows pictures of a user split into two sections: photos where a user has tagged themselves and photos that other users have tagged of them. there should be a link to a page along the top with this on. also, at the top of this page, there should be some text string that reads: "show me photo's of" with a dhtml dropdown menu listing all users. this would work on mutual tags, so the conditions would be WHERE user=loggedin AND selectedvalue. this would bring up pictures where the logged in user is tagged in a picture with an additional 1 or more people.


  • Install the imagetag module.
  • more info here.

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