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PanoramaJs Module

Adds a css / JavaScript based Panorama to Gallery.


Adds a pretty basic css / JavaScript (Js) based Panorama to Gallery.


To install it, download the zip file and unzip it to the modules directory.

There is an Admin Option page for this module that allows you to configure various options.


The "[core] item view" permission determines whether a user or a group has permission to see a panorama in a specific image. If the user has permission to see the panorama, G2 automatically adds a "view panorama (Js)" link in the item action links block.

  • Add option Admin to change the default panorama size width.
  • Add option Admin to auto rotate panorama or not.
  • Add option Admin to change the default speed rotate panorama.
  • Add parameter to rewrite URL for patch ../PanoramaJs.html.




Requested Features

  • Allow panorama to work with ImageFrame module
  • ... ?

PanoramaJs Topic Forum here


see the project for download.

Revision History

2007-06-30 - 1.0.8 - Initial Release