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Admin Documentation

Developer Documentation

Manually connect with WebDAV URL

The following are examples of WebDAV clients which work with Gallery, with a few corner cases, depending on the client and your server:

Windows Web Folders

Needs documentation and screen shots.


  • In the Finder, from the Go menu, select Connect to Server...

Mac OS X fails to connect without a correct OPTIONS response. mod_php will pass OPTIONS requests to Gallery, so the response includes the DAV HTTP header and the Allow HTTP header includes the WebDAV request methods. However Apache won't pass OPTIONS requests to CGI scripts, so if you use php-cgi, you must use mod_rewrite and mod_headers to set these headers instead.

Needs screen shots.


Needs documentation and screen shots.

Automatically connect with item link

Internet Explorer

The item link will connect to WebDAV with ActiveX:


The item link will connect to WebDAV with the webdav:// URL scheme.


In other browsers, the item link will download a davmount resource: RFC 4709

For now, to open davmount resources on Windows, you must run the script at the end of RFC 4709. This only applies if you're not using Internet Explorer, e.g. Firefox.


I'm trying to test the Gallery WebDAV connection on as many clients and servers as possible. If you encounter problems connecting to Gallery with WebDAV, please include in a bug report a transcript of the WebDAV HTTP conversation. You can use tcpflow or Wireshark to get a transcript: