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This is a draft of some thoughts and ideas for 2.3:

Areas for focus:

  • Performance
    • MPTT
    • Break language packs out of core
    • Reduce # of class files required for an individual page load
  • Module improvements
    • Simplify RSS module - The current implementation is to complex for most users, it should really just be simple on/off switches for albums/items/comments (advanced mode could possibly include the current options).

Questions: Do we want to try to maintain API compatibility with 2.1 and 2.2? This will give module developers and themers a little more breathing room to develop new themes.

API breaking changes we could make:

  • Move color packs down into themes, so each theme has its own set of color packs
  • Move GalleryUtilities into the GalleryCoreApi

API consistent changes we could make:

  • Allow themes to override any .tpl file (there's a task for this)
  • AJAXify all admin pages
  • AJAXify the progress bar (make it a popup instead of an interstitial page)
  • Move GalleryUtilities into the GalleryCoreApi, but allow the old code to delegate back. (this might not be API compatible-- requires some thought)