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This is a quick start to a page about the GoogleMap Theme (created by LarryDoliver).

If you found your way here, you might also be interested in The GoogleMap Module. There is also a GPS module (see: Gallery2:Modules:Gps) that allows for export to Google Earth.


  1. Download the GoogleMap Theme:
  2. unzip it and put the resulting map/ folder in your themes/ folder
  3. log in to your gallery install as the admin
  4. go to the administration page
  5. go to the Themes section
  6. click on the All Themes tab - Map should show up as one of the themes
  7. install the Map theme
  8. activate the Map theme

Note: You need to install and activate the Custom Feilds module for the theme to work you can download it here Custom Fields

Basic Configuration

Via the web:

  1. log in to Gallery
  2. In the Themes section of the administration page you should now have a Map tab. Click on it
  3. paste your Google Map API key (which you can get from here) into the appropriate field (6 up from the bottom)
  4. save it

Using The Map Theme

Set up a single album::

  1. set up the theme for an album
    1. log in to Gallery
    2. Navigate to the album to which you want the Map theme applied
    3. Click the Edit Album link
    4. Click the Custom Fields tab
    5. Add a Photo field called GPS (NOTE: for version 1.0.7 you should add two custom fields... GPSLAT and GPSLON ...the GPS field is not necessary)
    6. Save
  1. enter the GPS info for the images in the album, Edit each image
    1. for each one, click on the Custom Field tab
    2. enter the appropriate lat and long values (NOTE: the Map module provides a handy way to get that info (see the module page for details), so you might want it installed even if you aren't planning on using it)
  1. Click the Album tab
    1. Set the theme to Map
    2. Save
    3. Click the Theme tab
    4. You're now on a page very similar to the one you encountered in Basic Configuration except that the configuration here applies only to this album. This is probably the point at which you want to set the initial center (lat and long (format: lat,long)), zoom level (0..17, lower is more zoomed in (NOTE: for version 1.0.7 higher is more zoomed in)), and map type of the theme. Other configuration of what's displayed and where also occurs on this page.
    5. Save

Set up an album with sub-albums(s):

    1. -Create an album.
    2. -Edit customfields
    3. -Add a common field named GPSLAT and one named GPSLON
    4. -Add items (photos) to this album
    5. -Edit their GPSLAT and GPSLON customfields and add coordinates
    6. -Add a sub-album
    7. -Edit it's GPSLAT and GPSLON customfields and add coordinates
    8. -Add items (photos) to the sub-album
    9. -Edit their GPSLAT and GPSLON customfields and add coordinates
    10. -Set the sub-album theme to the map theme
    11. -Set the theme of the sub-albums's parent to the map theme
    12. -Access the parent album
    13. -The map will show green markers representing the items (photos) in the parent album
    14. -The sub-album on this map will have a red marker representing the sub-album
    15. -Click the red marker and a new map will be displayed showing green markers representing the items (photos) in the sub-album
    16. NOTE: Both album and item marker colors are selectable in version 1.0.7