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Gallery2:Usability Issues:Survey:performance

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There is not a good way to upload large files. Hopefully webdav will fix this. It

seems slow even when using eaccelerator.
it's very slow - the php w/ templates is very complex. i had to upgrade my server just for CPU power. a simple family webserver should not need 1+GHz

poor performance (slow speed), esp on lower end machine long response time

Performance with

5000+ photos.

Slower than G1 (but

has lots of new features, so its ok)

it's slower than

gallery 1

Speed, Windows XP

plugin crashes
It's too slow.

* It's slow to load the first page. * When you want to create a thumbnail, you have the option to crop the image into a square of resize the image to fix the square. When you chose to fix the size, you can choose the background color. But in the main page the backgroung is gray and in the the album, the background is white, so it doesn't look


performance is/can be slow database can easily become corrupt lack of backup/restore


sometimes it's slow

with many photos

The upload mechanism are terrible. The java app is the only SW that can crash my Mac; uploading files one at a time in the web interface isn't very useful; and iPhotoToGallery doesn't have robust features. Uploading really needs more of a Ajax-type of functionality. General performance is sluggish, though that might be partially

due to my hosting service and ISP.

Speed of navigation when multiple people are viewing the gallery. It seems to slow

down considerably even though the server has plenty of bandwidth.

Smarty as a templating/themeing system. I'd much rather have a PHPTemplate engine like Drupal's. It's very slow without a PHP accelerator (running on older hardware). Even with the accelerator, the performance is marginal. UI for setting permissions is complex

and requires a lot of page refreshes.

Load time is often slow, many of the thumbnails (when first created) look funny and

have to be remade, picasa uploader doesn't work well

It is somewhat slowish.

- embed mode often makes problems (utf for example) - it is very slow - html Data

should be in one folder ...

Speed. I don't know if you pay close attention to ZenPress, but I love how it incorporates AJAX to rearrange albums, how it allows for instant

caption editing.

None of the themes grab me. I'm looking for something less geeky, more focused on making my pictures available. Lightbox is close, but it's so slow

as to be unusable.

1. Performance: Slow! Sometimes I get mysterious "error occurred" messages (timeout?) with no further info. 2. URL rewrite issues, namely causing conflict with the WordPress WP-G2 plugin. 3. Album Quick Links DHTML: the URLs are in JS rather than human-readable, even with URL Rewrite turned ON. Could that be fixed? 4. The CSS for the Matrix theme, if not the others, does not validate. For built-in themes, I'd hope that both the XHTML and CSS would

validate, at least with default settings.
Slow loading times

slow thats my

relatives telling me when i ask them.

1. Control of some items seems to be in the wrong "level" or at the wrong "scope." Example: "Square Thumbnails" and in particular the background color used should be a theme or album setting, not a Gallery setting. Another: Hiding the top level breadcrumb would seem to belong in a permission setting, not an album, theme or Gallery setting 2. Often many ways to accomplish the same task, but no way to disable the redundancy. Example: navigation. Click on the image, click on an icon, click in the sidebar, click in the breadcrumbs. 3. Difficult to correctly guess where a setting might be controlled -- is it a Site setting? a Theme setting, an Album setting? I can sometimes see a logic to the distribution, but usually not. 4. Difficult to "quiet down" the interface. I've spent quite a while trying to figure out where all the extra decorations are so I can SUPPRESS them. If someone wants a "minimalist" Gallery, it's difficult to do. 5. MUCH too slow. In a test gallery, a main page has a link to a gallery with 4 albums. It routinely takes

TWENTY SECONDS for the Gallery page to load.

Speed. I would like to be able to puke out static webpages for viewing quickly, but use the database to organize and generate them. Like a blog. I am using the performance acceleration and that has helped. I also need to generate the thumbnails before uploading, so part of it is

my fault.

A lot of features

that works in Gallery 1 is missing. Performance

Speed. Graphic Toolkits often fail.

The mass confusion about name/title/summary/description. Why are there four fields that are basically indistinguishable? Why do some show up in some views and not in others? I\'d much prefer if this were 1 or *at most* 2 fields- name and description. There is lots of other redundancy in the UI, too- what is the difference between \'rearrange items\' and \'reorder items\'? Why are those not the same? Or better yet, why can\'t they be dropped altogether and just let the admin do that through dragging and dropping in the main gallery view? In the admin view, The general primitiveness of the UI is unfortunate- lots of things should be instant-apply/ajaxy. For example, if I\'m an admin, I should be able to just click on a picture\'s captions to edit them, instead of finding \'edit item\', then finding the right field, then hitting save. It takes way too many clicks and too much eye motion to do lots of very common operations like rotating a picture. Module installation is another good example of redundancy- why must I install, and *then* activate? Is there any good reason why I would install something, and then not immediately activate it? Not that I can think of. Ugly default URLs suck. URLs should be beautiful by default. Oh, and performance. Performance of g2 sucks. Every time google spiders me my server goes to its knees. Speed is a feature:

global performance is

still not up to the level of gallery1
its very slow.

My end-users find it

significantly slower that Gallery 1.

Performance is a bit slow Organising should be nicer especially with big gallery. Mine has more than 1000 photo's. Too much clicking will prevent people from looking in depth Some modules are not working nicely: squarethumbs fe

Inconvenient to upload without gallery remote. Also, with the explosion in number

of files, my gallery doesn't perform that well over NFS

Uploading photos is still cumbersome Performance can be slow Upgrading too


It could benefit from

some speed enhancements
Performance / speed.

It is unfortunately not as snappy as I'd like for organizing photos - being web based, it's slower than a desktop application. Still, it's the best

method of organizing photos I've found

It will show pics at full resolution. I want it to store pics at full resolution and offer them for download, but on the album I would rather it show a lower res pic to speed up viewing and to consume less bandwidth. So a family member see the lower res pic and can choose to

download the full res to print.

The speed in which the database processes big libraries. There seems to be still a

lot of filesystem work that should be occuring in the database.

Permissions are tricky to manage especially for subtrees of the album structure. Sometimes I want to be able to just give people a password and not an account. Moving items to other albums gives a huge list of albums that are not easily selectable in tree form (e.g. I have to scroll through all sub-albums of every tree). Deleting single photos is cumbersome. In general some sort of selection mechanism on the main pages would be nice so that you could select a number of images (similar to the shopping cart) and perform an action on those images, instead of choosing the action and then selecting which photos to apply it to. If an item does not have a description I would like it to display the summary text. Even if it does have a description it would be nice to see the summary on

the item\\\'s page and not just in the thumbnail view.

Processing time is

slow. Limited theme selections.

It is slow! Getting better though :) Not a very pretty search function. Make it more like google / msn image search.


It's a bit slow, though this is probably because I'm running mine from a home

server (500 MHz K6-II; 128MB RAM; 768kbps ADSL connection).

speed seems slow at times No universal design of themes. Wordpress allows the designing of themes to be easy. Then you plug them in.



Much slower than 1.5.

Slow upload time,

square thumbnails

Slow compared to gallery 1

Performance, Performance, Performance.

The speed --- although this may be due to my Host, size of gallery, subversion,


Performance (page rendering time) is often slow, even if all images have had thumbnails/other sizes pre-generated and database has been


Generally the speed is slower than Coppermine

Slow performance.

Slower than G1

low speed in general

it is much to slow

Speed, although could

be my server.

Little bit slow

performance, to me somehow compicated setting

Lack of Documentation

and performance speed

Performance is a bit slow. GUI for navigating through albums and photos could be much slicker with a Web 2.0 approach. Would be nice to have easier

ways of organizing photos quickly.

Slow when you have

thousands of pictures
It is too slow.

lack of scheduled performance tuning (see below)

Performance, It's

really slow.

the script reacts slow, I'm not using a 'steat of the art' server, but with a lot of images it's not very fast.

Convoluted code base. SLOW -- in any environment shared or dedicated. No SSL admin.

In-app help.

It is slow; when go

page up and down get the thumbs uses very much time.

Performance has been considerably slower moving from 1.x to 2.x, but I am aware that my

needs have grown over the years and am now upgrading the server.