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|[http://gallery.menalto.com/node/62536 G2 forums]
|[http://gallery.menalto.com/node/62536 G2 forums]
|[http://piopionz.com/gallery2/v/PGtests/?g2_enterAlbum=1 piopionz.com]
|[http://piopionz.com/gallery2/v/PGtests/?g2_enterAlbum=1 piopionz.com]
==Image Frames==
==Image Frames==

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User Contributions

Functionality and UI contributions from the G2 user community. Nothing here is guaranteed to work with the current G2 code, or to work at all.. enjoy!

http://themes.gallery2.hu/images/galleryLogo_sm.gif You can check out the themes, colorpacks and frames in action at Themes.Gallery2.Hu


A Gallery 2.1 theme will work with Gallery 2.2 for normal album browsing, but may not display dynamic albums (like the Keyword Albums module) properly. A 2.2-only theme will work with dynamic albums but cannot be used with Gallery 2.1.

Steve Lineberry: I've setup a demo site here where I've installed all the themes from this page, some themes of my own, and the themes that come with gallery2 all on one site where you can compare and see them in action.

UPDATE: I've upgraded to G2.1 so you may not see all the themes above on my demo site because I've hidden the album for those themes which are still only for G2. Once a theme have been upgraded to G2.1, I will display that theme album again.

In addition there is an alternative theme demo gallery available located here.

Color Packs

Image Frames

Icon Packs


  • Installing new modules - in most cases the procedure is very simple:
    1. Download desired module
    2. Read instructions that came with the module, if any
    3. Unpack it in subdirectory modules of your Gallery2 installation (or possibly unpack from the top directory of your installation if the archive contains the modules path)
    4. Browse to Site Admin / Modules section, find your new module and install/activate it

Also see: Installing Additional Components

Old modules may need some changes to work with the current version of G2. At least the required core / module api has to be changed in module.inc (e.g. copy values from modules/core/module.inc). To fix an old module, apply all changes from the Gallery API Changes page.


You can integrate Gallery 2 with a lot of other applications and scripts. See: Available Integrations For Gallery 2





These contributions are obsolete. Most of them will not work anymore in the current version of G2 and some of them were included in G2.

Icon Packs