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Migrating from Gallery 1 to Gallery 2

  1. backup, download your g1 albums to your computer as a backup
  2. rename your g1 folder gallery to g1.
  3. install g2 in folder gallery (e.g. extract and rename gallery2 to gallery)
  4. run the g2 installer, as storage directory, choose a new, empty folder, DO NOT choose your g1 albums directory
  5. login in g2 and go to site admin
  6. in site admin -> modules, activate the url rewrite module
  7. site admin -> import gallery 1 (at the bottom)
  8. enter g1 albums dir path (absolute filesystem path)
  9. select a few albums (choose as many albums as you have webspace, this import will copy all these albums including all files)
  10. if import of these albums was successfull, delete these albums in your g1 albums directory
  11. select the next bunch of albums to import, etc. until all g1 albums are imported
  12. after the import, don't forget to put the g1 redirect .htaccess in your empty g1 albums directory.