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Gallery3:Modules:event watcher

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This module is meant to be a tool for module developers. It is not intended to be used in a published gallery.

In particular, it traps all* of the event hooks and adds an info status message (with a timestamp) to help get a better understanding of what events are being triggered by any given action.

*Here, "all" means all of the events found in all of the modules in the main branch of the gallery3 and gallery3-contrib projects on github at the time this module was created


Just add this module to your gallery3 installation.

  • When you want to watch events, activate it.
  • When you no longer want the events "cluttering up" your gallery, deactivate it.

Simple as that!

Screen Shot

Event watcher.jpg

Extending this module

This is pretty bare-bones with no customization available, feel free to use it, tweak it, enhance it, etc. If you make a change that you think others might like, consider updating the version in the gallery3-contrib project as well.