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Gallery3:Modules:event watcher

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This module is meant to be a tool for module developers. It is not intended to be used in a published gallery.

In particular, it traps all* of the event hooks and adds an info status message (with a timestamp) to help get a better understanding of what events are being triggered by any given action.

*Here, "all" means all of the events found in all of the modules in the main branch of the gallery3 and gallery3-contrib projects on github at the time this module was created


Just add this module to your gallery3 installation.

  • When you want to watch events, activate it.
  • When you no longer want the events "cluttering up" your gallery, deactivate it.

Simple as that!

Screen Shot

The following screen shot shows the events between two subsequent refreshes of the status/info messages at the top of the screen.

Note the 3 minutes time gap.

  • Everything prior to the gap occurred after the last refresh of the status/info messages and before the user clicked on the thumbnail linking to the shown item page.
  • Everything after the gap occurred after the user clicked on the thumbnail linking to the shown item page and before the rendering of the status/info message on this page.

Event watcher.jpg

Extending this module

This is pretty bare-bones with no customization available, feel free to use it, tweak it, enhance it, etc. If you make a change that you think others might like, consider updating the version in the gallery3-contrib project as well.