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Gallery3:Modules:user info

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User Info Module

Logs User ID, User Name, IP Address, Date and Time, and Action when users Login, Logout, Failed Login Attempt, Admin Re-Authenicate, or when a user registers.

This module was created by Charles Knowlton (Charles08) with the much appreciated help of bharat, Joe7, and alendeman.


UserInfo1.png UserInfo2.png


  • Logs User Id, Username, IP Address, Date & Time, and the Action
  • Can click on the Username(if valid) and open the User Profile Page
  • Can click on the IP Address to do a reverse lookup.
  • Choose Default Records per Page
  • Choose Default Sort Column
  • Choose Default Sort Order
  • Choose to use the Gallery Date & Time or your own custom Date & Time
  • Choose what you want to log.
  • Choose the color of the Action


This module will work on both Gallery 3.0.0 & Gallery 3.0.1

You can install this module by downloading the file from the forum post.
You can also go to to download the module.


  • You can configure the module by going to Login -> Admin -> Settings -> User Info
  • On the Dashboard go to the dashboard content and add User Information to the center.

Version Info

2.0.0 - 01/16/2011
Fixed the Installer file to uninstall correctly

1.0.0 - 01/02/2011
Initial Release

Future Plans

  • The ability to Ban and Unban an IP Address using .htaccess files (I don't know if this is can even been done correctly or not)

Known Issues

None that I am aware of.
If you come across any issues please post them in the forum here.