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Gallery 3 is very easy to upgrade. You just need to get the latest copy of the code and run the upgrader, which does everything in a single step. The whole process can take you less than a minute and only one click in your web browser.

Note: You cannot upgrade an alpha release of Gallery 3. You must have a beta release already installed to follow these upgrade instructions.

Steps to upgrade

  1. Log in to your Gallery 3 as an admin user. If you do this before you replace your code, it'll save you a step in authentication.
  2. Download the new code. You can get official releases or you can download an experimental version. If this is your first time, you might want to read the unpacking tips below.
  3. Now there are two ways to upgrade:
    1. Using your web browser
      1. Open the upgrader in your web browser by browsing to where you replace with your real url. If you forgot to log in as admin, it'll ask you to create a temporary file just to prove that you're an admin.
      2. Read the text there and click the Upgrade all link
    2. On the command line
      1. cd gallery3
      2. php index.php upgrade

Tips for unpacking the code

  • If you're using an official release, it unpacks into a directory called gallery3. So if you've named your directory gallery3 also, you can just unpack the new version over the old version. If you named your directory something else, you can unpack the new zip file somewhere else and just move the "var" directory from the old install to the new one, then rename your directories until they're right for you.
  • If you're using an experimental version, you'll see that it unpacks into a directory with a long and weird name. That name tells you exactly which version you downloaded and while that's useful for discussing in the forums, it's probably not relevant to you. So just move the "var" directory over from the old install and rename directories until you're happy.