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(Flights, Hotels and Roommates)
(Flights, Hotels and Roommates)
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| [[User:jmullan|jmullan]] || 0 || $1300 || || || || || || || ||
| [[User:jmullan|jmullan]] || 0 || $1300 || || || || || || || ||
| [[User:h0bbel|h0bbel]] || 1 || ~$1000 || || || || || || |18-Jul - 20-Jul| ||
| [[User:h0bbel|h0bbel]] || 1 || ~$1000 || || || || || || || 18-Jul - 20-Jul ||

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GalleryCon2008: Amsterdam

A nice area that fits into my plans is Amsterdam. What i would like to do is to go into a so called "Bungalow Park". For example something like this:


The one i have in mind is this: Park Zandvoort http://www.centerparcs.com/EN/US/villages/park_zandvoort So we can live there and do trips to Amsterdam.

Or we could live directly in Amsterdam and do a trip to the coast if we want.

When Do You Want To Go There?

Who can and can't go when (M: maybe, Y: yes, N: no)
Who 18-20 July Notes
Bharat (+?) M
h0bbel (+1) Y
Signe (+?)  ?
Dmolavi (+?)  ?
schultmc (+?) Y
ckdake (+1) M (It's very likley!)
floridave (+0) Y
talmdal (+1) Y
Joe7 (+?)
volksport (+?) N
Jens (+0) Y
jmo (+?) M
jozefs (+?)
Beckett (+?) U(nlikely)
mindless (+?) U(nlikely)
fryfrog (+?) N
thumb (+?) Y
paour (+1) Y

What about Amsterdam ?

talmdal: amsterdam: +1

ckdake: central +1

schultmc: amsterdam +1

jmullan: amsterdam++

bharat: amsterdam++

valiant: amsterdam +1

floridave: amsterdam +1

Tim_j: +1 Bungalowpark

Do you like the idea? Or would you like to do something else?
Who Hotel inside, Bungalowpark outside Comment
Jens Bungalow
Andy Bungalow would be nice. But that sounds even more expensive. Whatever we can afford.
Michael S. I prefer whichever is least expensive - travel from the US to Amsterdam is much more expensive than intra-US travel.
Tim Hotel I think we'd prefer, in Amsterdam only because of the availability of activities and sights. The concern is that if you are in the Bungalow Park (btw it did look very nice), it might limit the ability to see some of the sights in Amsterdam. Further too, still prefer to be in Amsterdam... not much of a beach person, but if the consensus is that we're doing the bungalow park, can we get bungalows for two.
Bharat I have no strong preference. It's going to be fun either way
floridave I go with the flow....As long as there is beer.
paour No strong preferences either. We probably won't be able to stay more than the weekend unfortunately

Flights, Hotels and Roommates

Who is coming and when?
Who # Guests? Expected Airfare Arrive Time Arrive Airport Depart Time Depart Airport Airfare Price Need Hotel Dates Hotel Needed Need Hotel Roommate
Talmdal +1 700 - 1500 pp yes
schultmc $1371.17
floridave 0 $1700 yes if needed
bharat 0 $1337 18-Jul 10:30 AM AMS 20-Jul 6:20 PM AMS yes 18-Jul - 20-Jul if needed
jmullan 0 $1300
h0bbel 1 ~$1000 18-Jul - 20-Jul

T-shirt sizes

T-shirts! woo.
Who Gender Size Guest? Gender Size Total
volksport Male Medium
Talmdal Male Large
ckdake Male Small
schultmc Male XL
floridave Male Large
bharat Male Medium
mindless Male Large
Jens Male XL
valiant Male Medium
fryfrog Male XL
jozefs Male Medium
beckett Male Small Y Female Medium
jmullan Male Large
Joe7 Male Medium
paour Male Medium Y Female Medium + kid