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| [[User:thumb|thumb]] || +1 || Y || Y || Y || Y || Y || I'd prefer July 30 or Aug 6, but I'm flexible
| [[User:thumb|thumb]] || +1 || Y || Y || Y || Y || Y || I'd prefer July 30 or Aug 6, but I'm flexible
| [[User:valiant|valiant]] || + || - || - || - || - || - || - || -
| [[User:valiant|valiant]] || || N || Y || Y || Y || Y || -  

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GalleryCon2009: Santa Fe

This year's GalleryCon will combine social events with a code sprint to put the finishing touches on Gallery 3.

Is Santa Fe okay?

First things first, is Santa Fe okay with everyone? Santa Fe is a relatively small town located in the foothills of the Sangre de Christo mountain range at the southern tip of the Rocky Mountains. Known for it's Native American and Spanish history, the area offers many unique cultural and historical museums and landmarks. Many points of interest are within walking distance of Santa Fe's historic plaza.

Santa Fe is located 55 miles north of Albuquerque, where most participants will likely arrive. Shuttles and a commuter train line run between Albuquerque and Santa Fe.


  • thumb: Obviously Santa Fe is convenient for me. As an alternative, I'd be willing to help make this happen in Albuquerque, but I think we'll have much more fun in Santa Fe!
  • ckdake: Santa Fe sounds fun and great and all, but there isn't an easy way to fly in there from Atlanta that doesn't take all day. Getting to Albuquerque is a lot quicker/easier/cheaper.


The proposed schedule begins Thursday morning and will run through Saturday afternoon.

Who can and can't go when (M: maybe, Y: yes, N: no)
Who Companions 30 July - 2 Aug 6-9 Aug 13-16 Aug 20-23 Aug 27-30 Aug Notes
bharat + N Y N - - In NY all of July. Jen's brother is getting married on the 16th, so that leaves the 6-9th of Aug as the only real option for me (of these dates).
ckdake + N N N Y Y Summer of mountain bike racing = no time to spare :( If I fly home Saturday evening, 6-9 Aug is the only N weekend.
floridave +? Y Y Y Y Y Later dates are still OK with me as well.
fryfrog + - - - - - -
h0bbel + - - - - - -
jhilden +1 - - - - - My girlfriend and I will be on a road trip along the west coast, so we should be able to arrange a stop in Santa Fe on the way there or back.
schultmc + N M M - - -
talmdal +1 N M Y - - My dad leaves on the 4th, so it would be tight (if we drive)
thumb +1 Y Y Y Y Y I'd prefer July 30 or Aug 6, but I'm flexible
valiant N Y Y Y Y -

Flights and Travel

Coming soon

Lodging and Accomodations

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