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Installation instructions for the Gallery2 integration module for Xaraya:

  1. Download Xaraya from the Xaraya website.
  2. Install Xaraya on your own webserver / webspace
  3. Download Gallery 2
  4. Install Gallery 2 on your own webserver / webspace
  5. Download the gallery2 module for Xaraya from one of the nightly snapshot mirrors at Gallery Downloads
  6. The xaraya integration package includes a gallery2/ folder. Copy it into your xaraya's modules directory on your webspace.
  7. Browse to your Xaraya's module management pages and install the Gallery2 module.
  8. In the config.php file of G2, set $gallery->setConfig('mode.embed.only', true); This will disable G2 standalone mode. When you're finished with the configuration process of the Xaraya module, you can optionally re-enable G2 standalone mode by setting $gallery->setConfig('mode.embed.only', false);
  9. Browse to the admin pages of the Gallery2 module in Xaraya and configure it.
  10. Optional (short URLs): If you use the G2 rewrite module, you have to configure it embedded in G2 too. Go to G2 site admin -> url rewrite in the setup tab. Then hit save in the Rules tab. Finally, you have to uncomment and configure the $systemConfiguration['BaseURI'] line in xaraya/var/config.system.php.

Note: It doesn't matter where you install G2 on your website, you probably want to install it on the top level, i.e. /path/to/documentRoot/gallery/ or as a subdirectory in your gallery2 module, i.e. /path/to/documentRoot/modules/gallery2/g2/ assuming xaraya was installed directly in the DocumentRoot folder.