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*A whole lot of brainstorming for a new codename
*A whole lot of brainstorming for a new codename
*Decision: "Liger"
*Decision: "Liger"
*other ideas here: http://codex.gallery2.org/index.php/Gallery2:Codenames
*other ideas here: http://codex.galleryproject.org/index.php/Gallery2:Codenames
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[[Category:Project:Meeting Notes]]

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Usual Devs

  • valiant (Andy Staudacher)
  • jmullan (Jesse Mullan) - __no status__
  • mindless (Alan Harder)
  • Signe (Jay Rossiter) - __no status__
  • volksport (Robert Balousek)
  • bharat (Bharat Mediratta)
  • pelle (Douglas Cau)

Missing devs

  • ckdake (Chris Kelly) - Vacation - __no status__
  • h0bbel (Christian Mohn) - Vacation - __no status__
  • virshu (Felix Rabinovich) - Work - __no status__

Summer of Code Devs

  • singedpiper (Gregory John Schoppe - XMLRPC) - __no status__
  • jozefs (Jozef Selesi - Downloadable Modules)
  • rufous (Ross Shannon - AJAX)
  • _dv (Mike Classic - Integrations Manager)
  • Jonatan` (Jonatan Heyman - RSS)
  • jessmartin (Jess Martin - Hidden Items)

Missing Summer of Code Devs

  • Alex Smetskoy - AWOL - __no status__
  • Jeremy Despain - __no status__
  • muti (Chris Schwerdt - XMLRPC) - __no status__
  • vavi (Aviad Tsherniak - Dupe Detection) - __no status__
  • waldemar (Waldemar Schlackow - Picasa 2) - __no status__
  • mrtorrent (Michael Rodriguez-Torrent - Ecommerce) - Family Emergency - __no status__


  1. Theme refactor update
  2. SoC task update
  3. General B4 status
  4. SoC #12 (Our MIA student - what to do!?)
  5. B4 Logo/Code (It is now G2B4: kthxbye

Theme refactor update

  • (bharat) It's late, but nearly complete. I can get all the unit tests fixed and committed by 7/8, but I'm out of town from 7/9 - 7/12. This means that the 7/13 date is in jeopardy.
  • DECISION: move B4 release date back to 7/15 and start fleshing out the test matrix as soon as the theme refactor goes in

SoC update

  • Received status reports from 6 students (+1 for them!)
  • Missing status reports from 5 students (boo)
  • SoC deliverable for next Thursday:
    • Detailed schedule for the next 8 weeks outlining exactly what you're going to do to complete your project. Send this to the -devel mailing list.
  • Missing student: Alexey Smetskoy (XMLRPC)
    • Google won't replace him if he doesn't show
    • He won't get paid if he doesn't show
    • Google will boot him on 7/16 if he doesn't get paperwork in
    • Decision: Do nothing for now

B4 Logo/Code

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