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* [http://zwily.com/iphoto/ iPhotoToGallery page]
* [http://zwily.com/iphoto/ iPhotoToGallery page]
* [http://gloss.ildica.com/ GLoSS: Gallery2 Local Screen Saver & Desktop Changer site]
* [http://gloss.ildica.com/ GLoSS: Gallery2 Local Screen Saver & Desktop Changer site]
* [http://f-spot.org/Main_Page F-Spot]

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galleryadd.pl is a script that recursively adds directories or images to a Gallery installation. Its features include a listing of the albums available in a Gallery, the creation of top-level albums with titles and descriptions, and support for the addition of images and directories to an existing album. Supports G1 and G2.


galleryscr.pl is a script that fetches images from an online gallery or local directory structure and creates a random image collage. It features inclusion or exclusion of specific images, random or sequential selection of images, and various output options. It can be useful for creating images for a screensaver.

iPhotoToGallery (Mac OS X)

Export your pictures from iPhoto to Gallery simply and quickly with the iPhotoToGallery plugin. For Mac OS X only. Supports both Gallery 1.x and Gallery2.

Gallery Export: Kipi Plugin

The KIPI Plugins framework contains a Gallery Export feature that allows host applications (e.g. DigiKam, Gwenview) to upload their photos to a remote gallery. Current SVN version supports G1 and G2 and future expansion to add new features is planned over the summer of 2006, so watch this space ;-)

GLoSS: Gallery2 Local Screen Saver & Desktop Changer

The Gallery2 Local Screen Saver & Desktop Changer uses the random Image Block functionality to download random images from your Gallery installation and use them as a Windows screensaver and desktop background.

  • Local user-configurable caching and offline mode (displays random pictures from local cache when offline).
  • Allows you to specify the max size of the images to be displayed as a percentage of the available screen real estate.
  • Supports multiple monitors - can choose to have the screensaver fill a screen or the whole desktop. I use UltraMon, so with my screensaver, I can choose to have one screensaver fill the whole virtual desktop, or have two copies of my screensaver running in different monitors.
  • Authentication against username/password protected Gallery2 installations.
  • Ability to select random images only from specific albums in your Gallery2 installation
  • Ability to change your Windows desktop background at regular, user-selectable intervals to a random image from your Gallery2 installation.
  • Control over fade-in/out of images, image centre-ing, desktop blanking on startup, collage effect vs. single images, etc.
  • EXIF Info display widget on Desktop Changer
  • Google Map display widget for geocoded photos on Desktop Changer (so get geocoding those images with Google Earth/Picassa or similar)
  • High quality image resampling using a Lanczos Kernel filter when resizing images (will be particularly apparent when resizing small images to fill the screen)
  • Requires no other software or graphics libraries to be installed.
  • Minimum configuration required (at the very least, a Gallery URL and optionally a username and password is required)
  • Store history of desktop image changes
  • Prevention of screensaver startup when particular application is active (user configurable)
  • Mouse scroll wheel and double-click support on Google Map Widget
  • Drag 'n' drop image onto Thumbnail Widget to change desktop image
  • Double-click on image in Thumbnail Widget to open image in default viewer
  • Optional balloon hint on desktop image change
  • Google Earth 4 integration - live display of current desktop image location (geocoded images only)

Forum posting here: gallery.menalto.com/node/49773

Gallery Screensaver

The Gallery Screensaver is a modified version of Gallery Remote that runs as a Windows or Unix screensaver, allowing you to share a screensaver that dynamically downloads and displays pictures from an album, a list of albums or your entire Gallery.