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The Gallery team is very excited to announce a new bounty program, where we pay you for helping us out by finding security problems or contributing code. (Note: this only applies to the most recent version of our currently shipping software: Gallery 3) Additionally, you can pitch in to the fund to reward people that fix bugs or write features you want to see fixed or implemented! We're pledging $5000 to get this started, and you can start contributing right now! Read on for the details of this program.

Some things to Note

Gallery 3 has undergone several security reviews and as a result of each review, potential security issues have been resolved. We are interested in all types of potential security issues in Gallery 3.

Since the initial release of Gallery 2, all releases of Gallery 2 undergo a paid professional security view before release. They've caught things each time, but we're fairly confident in the security of Gallery 2, and Gallery 2 is no longer under active development. Realistically, we are only likely to reward and fix 'Critical' security issues.

Gallery 1 has undergone a paid security review by a professional security firm, and has been effectively end-of-lifed. We will not reward or fix any issues with Gallery 1.

While we appreciate security reports about this site, our website, etc, we will only pay out substantially reduced bounties for any issues reported about anything not related to issues in shipping versions of Gallery 3 or 2.

Security Bounties

We're offering a substantial amount of money for responsibly reporting security issues in the current development version of our currently shipping software: Gallery 3. To get the bounty, the security issue must be reported to and must not be made public until a fix is available from us on the official Gallery website. Critical problems that require an immediate fix will be worth $1000 and smaller amounts will be paid out for moderate ($400), uncritical ($200), and trivial problems ($100). If we are already aware of an issue, you won't receive the full bounty but will still be credited with finding it independently (and may, at our discretion, receive some of the bounty amount). Understandably, known security issues aren't listed publicly until they are fixed and not all security issues are serious enough to require an immediate fix. We have a long history of collaborating with security researchers and are convinced that trust will not be an issue.

Feature and Bug Bounties

You can also make money fixing bugs or writing code! This one is a little more complicated, but the outcome is similar. We'll pay you to write features or fix bugs that have been voted into the "top feature requests" list. The #1 open item is worth $500, #2 $400, #3 $300, and the rest of the top 10 are worth $250. However, this isn't as easy as it sounds, there are a few requirements:

  • You must get approval from us before starting on your work. This is both to claim the item (we won't let other developers sign up for the bounty until you give up or disappear) and make sure that the goals are well defined. Some of the RFEs aren't very specific and we'll mutually agree on a set of deliverables before you get started. To get the bounty, your code must meet the spirit of the request (with the majority of the core team approving).
  • You should work in the open. We'll need to see progress for you to keep the bounty assigned to you, and code developed without feedback from the team will be sent back without detailed review if it doesn't look or feel right. This sounds subjective and is! We'll help you out if you work in the open, and you'll get the money as long as you do a significant amount of the work.
  • Your work must meet our coding standards and include unit tests. This isn't hard, but working in the open and getting continual feedback from us will likely be important! It must be accepted into Gallery SVN trunk (or gallery-contrib if the code is for Gallery 2 and the majority of the core team approves), the copyright must be assigned to us (as with all of our contributed code), and the code must be licensed with the GPL.

Getting Money

E-mail to sign up for a bounty. Let us know which one you're interested in and we'll work with you to get things started. Recipients of a bounty don't have to accept any or all of it! You are welcome to privately (only known to the person on our team that manages our finances) or publicly (news announcement!) accept or refuse all or part of the bounty. Once our initial $5000 commitment is gone, we will likely put more money into the program and make an announcement indicating this. (Before emailing us, you should check this page to make sure someone hasn't signed up to work on that item yet. See the list below.)

NOTE: This means that once we have spent over our initial $5000 commitment, we may not be able to pay out further bounties. Gallery is not a commercial entity and is entirely funded by donations, so our pockets are not as deep as larger organizations. As of the Gallery 3.0.4 release on 2012-06-12, we have officially spent $6800 on bounties, and are investigating how much more money we can put forward for this program. Please contact us before you submit a security issue if you're counting on a particular payout!

Giving Money

Donating money towards a specific cause is easy! Initially, 50% of your donation will go to the winner of the bounty and 50% will be treated as a regular donation. Once the total amount of donations received matches our initial contribution to that particular item, 25% of your donation will go to the winner of the bounty and 75% will go to the general fund. But you don't need to worry about figuring that out, just follow the steps below:

  • Pick something you want fixed or implemented on the Feature Vote page (Sorry, we can't take donations for things not on this list, but you're welcome to make an RFE in our feature request tracker and then donate towards it!)
  • Make a donation using one of our standard Donation methods
  • E-mail with:
    • the total amount of your donation
    • a way we can find your donation (method, transaction id, email, name, etc)
    • the id and name of what you are donating to (from the feature vote page)

Open Items

Below are lists of donations made and people signed up to work on things.


These are donations that have been applied to open RFEs and bugs. Feel free to donate more towards them!

  • $12.50 - 1767763 Dupe Detect
  • $10.00 - 1078228 Invitation Only Feature

Active Bounty Items

You can't sign up for these because someone is already working on them!

  • 1078963 [G2] statistical information module (statistics) - aidan (1st place)
  • 1265885 [G2] Mass-edits of "general" properties for images - aidan (8th place)

People that have cashed in on bounties so far:

  • Nick Roberts - $200 (security issue)
  • Meric Manalastas - $500 (security issue)
  • Russell Lee - $75, Tim Almdal - $175 (notifications module RFE)
  • Hanno Boeck - $100 (security issue)
  • Alex Ustinov - $500 (security issue)
  • John Hisdock - $250 (security issue)
  • Kriss Andsten - $400 (security issue: permission bypass)
  • George Argyros
  • Aggelos Kiayias
  • Chalk - $1000 (collection of security issues)
  • Mateusz Goik - $1000 (collection of security issues)
  • James 'albino' Kettle - $1000 (collection of security issues)
  • Emanuel Bronshtein - $1000 (collection of security issues)
  • Sergey Markov - $1000 (collection of security issues)
  • Dhiraj Ranka - $400 (security issue)


Several people have reported issues where Gallery administrators can include malicious content. We don't pay out bounties for these because we assume that Gallery Administrators have full control over their site and could add malicious content without using an un-sanitized input field in an administrator only view.

  • Atulkumar Hariba Shedage and Ritesh Arunkumar Sarvaiya of Defencely

Several people have reported issues to us with our website which include Drupal, Mediawiki, and a few other things. We don't pay out bounties for these but appreciate responsible disclosure on these.

  • Ashar Javed - XSS on
  • Shashank Kumar - File contents disclosure and XSS on
  • Kamal - Server Platform Leak on
  • Ajay Singh Negi - Account security issue on
  • Emanuel Bronshtein - Server Platform Leak on (codex, home, gallery)
  • Rafay Baloch - XSS on
  • Kamil Sevi - XSS on
  • SimranJeet Singh - XSS on (now decommissioned)
  • Harsha Vardhan Boppana - cipher strength issue on SSL
  • Thamatam Deepak - path disclosure on test sites
  • Jimmy_RST - File Inclusion issue on
  • Hip of Insight-Labs - XSS on
  • Andrew Edwards - various issues with and
  • Nihal Mistry - Full Path Disclosure on
  • Vinesh Redkar - XSS on